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My Experience With KDP Select

Collapse was released on July 6th, 2012.  In the month or so leading up to its release I had made the decision to go exclusively with Amazon in the KDP Select program.  I had done my homework, it seemed like the smart thing to do.  Just before the release, I had several people ask me if they would be able to get Collapse on the Nook.  Not wanting to disappoint them, I figured it wouldn't hurt to make Collapse available on other formats until sales dropped low enough to make the switch to Select.

An acquaintance (more like a friend of a friend, I'm not sure I'd recognize the guy if I saw him on the street) had already self-published a few books the previous summer and I always kept a close eye on his rankings.  I also kept a close eye on his reviews, which were far from kind.  Some of the most horrible one star reviews I'd ever read adorned both of his books.  One of his titles had many accusations of being plagiarized pornography stolen from an erotic fan fiction forum …

Making it to the finish line!

Do you know how long it takes for someone to train for a marathon? Do you know what they have to do in order to be in shape to run that marathon?

As a novelist, I DO! We are marathon runners that not only train to write the novel, but bring others along with us. We have to keep our readers in mind when we train for our marathon.

Just like a marathon, there is NO sprint to the end when writing a novel. We have to have an endurance that will last for months. An endurance that will carry a reader all the way through. So in some way, the reader is also going the distance with you. You have to keep the readers engaged, in a pace that sometimes takes them up a hill and then down the hill with a few strides along the way.

This is not an easy feat! We have to take a story line and engage the reader from cover until THE END!

There are a few tips that can help get us trained for the marathon.

1) Write your novel all the way through with out stopping.

I can hear you groan now, but hear me out. …

8 AWARD Winning Authors On the PR BUDDY TRAIN!

Last week I had announced that Carpe Bead 'em won in the Women's Fiction/Chick-lit category in the eFestival of Words. It's a GREAT honor to me because Carpe Bead 'em was nominated by readers and voted to win by readers. 
There are eight winners that have come together to create a BIG SALE for our readers! All the novels have at least 20 reviews and a 4.5 or higher stars. We want you to enjoy the reward just as much as we have enjoyed getting it! All EIGHT of the winner's novels are on sale for .99 for TWO DAYS ONLY! Monday, August 27 and Tuesday, August 28!! 
This is a great example of the PR BUDDY system that I preach about. Each of us have a strong reader group and each of us hope to tap into each other's reader base by collectively coming together to offer our award-winning novels at a GREAT price.
I hope that you enjoy my blog and would consider reposting the promo below to your blog or other social media accounts. I truly appreciate it and LOVE connectin…

Tips To Indie Success

Last week I had to pleasure of going to the Lowcountry RWA chapter and speak on how to market and promote your novels effectively.

It was great because most of them are just now seeking the Indie way. As a matter of fact, a couple of them are dropping their publishers (and I mean big six) and going the independent route. Of course I still claim that any road to publication is the right road for you, but I'm a big champion in the indie arena!

Being Indie has made so many dreams come true for me. Including this blog! If it weren't for all of the marketing and promoting techniques I used to make it on Amazon's Movers and Shakers, double finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and winner in the women's fiction category of the eFestival of Words!

I can tell you to buy The Tricked Out Toolbox for all of my tricks, but no matter what I say, there are three BIG tips that bring about INDIE SUCCESS:

1) Successful Indies don't bash other writers! We help them. Whe…

Togather Brings Readers and Authors TOGETHER?

A very different type of connecting with readers has been brought to my attention.

Last week I received an email from TOGATHER.

As you know from the tabs on top of my blog, I teach workshops as well as book clubs. I travel to do both, and these are set up through the writer's groups or book clubs directly contacting me.

Togather is a global site that will put the author in front of a larger group of readers.

Togather is a free, online fansourcing platform that brings authors and audiences together. We created Togather because giving a talk to an empty room is no fun. You know how difficult and time-consuming it is to book and promote your own speaking engagements. So why not get some help directly from the people who really want to hear you talk? Using an on-demand fansourcing platform, Togather transforms the way authors organize book tours and bring audiences to events. With Togather, every talk, book signing or lecture is sold out before you even leave your home. We use…

5 Ways to Make Lifelong Fans in Your Own Backyard

These days, when we writers spend the lion’s share of our time behind a computer trying to connect with a worldwide audience, it’s easy to forget that some of the most loyal readers we’ll ever find are right in our own backyard. Since releasing my first novel in February of this year, I’ve done book signings, seminars, readings, and festivals – all of them right here in the great state of Maine. The vast majority of the books I’ve sold, of course, have been online, but being able to have those public events on my resume and reconnect with people I’ve known most of my life has been an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Additionally, readers here have been spreading the word like gangbusters to friends and family around the country—and I’ve quickly learned that readers who feel they have some kind of personal connection to me are far more likely to review my books on Amazon.  So, how did I manage to get readers in my hometown interested in my work?  Here are a few tricks you can t…


 (Be sure to check out Scott's latest novel!) When Tonya graciously allowed me a guest spot on her blog, I was acutely aware of how creative I’d have to be to come up with writing and publishing advice that she hadn’t already dispensed in spades. Most of what I talk about when I’m talking to people about self-publishing are things you probably already know from having been here before. (And if you’re somehow inexplicably here for the first time because you’re following me, I would direct you to Tonya’s post of August 8, where she nails down the most important points of self-publishing with style and aplomb.) (I like saying “aplomb.”)  Unlike the myths and rules surrounding publishing, however, the myths and rules of writing can be talked about endlessly and in seemingly infinite variation. So from me to you, here’s the best advice that I think any writer can get, and which I desperately wish I’d gotten back when I was starting out:  Don’t stop.  Don’t ever, ever stop.  Inertia is the s…

Tips To Pay It Forward To Other Authors

We spend so much time promoting our own novels, we sometimes forget that we have some really great author friends who also have novels they would like promoted.

I'm a big fan of PAYING IT FORWARD. I mean TRULY paying it forward! The kind of paying it forward when you help someone without expecting anything back!

Here are some tips from an AUTHOR'S point of view:

Go to your friend's novel and click the like button. The more 'likes' they have, the more visual they become for more readers to find them. Don't ask me how algorithms work...they just do.

If you have read their book and agree with their tags, go ahead and tag them too.

As a reader, you can create a LISTMANIA LIST. Add your favorite authors to it. This helps new readers find new authors, your friend's book! Be sure to TAG and LIKE books that you do like by your author friends. 

Give your friends a shout-out or two on the day of their release and be sure to link to their book so…

Shameless VS Shameful Self Promotion

Confession time!

I LOVE MARKETING AND PROMOTING! I love teaching other writers how to market and promote. What I teach is hopefully the shameless type of self promotion. not SHAMEFUL self promotion.

When we release a book we really want to sell 1,000 copies the first day out, or more. We spend all our time refreshing the page to see if we even sold one or ten within the last time we had refreshed the page. Or as a traditional author, you try not to obsess on checking the stats.

When you don't see the numbers you want. . .PANIC SETS IN!

What do you do? You rush to Twitter and tweet your release a few times, head over to Facebook and update your status (for the tenth time) that your book released that day, you send out mass emails to your writer friends and beg them to promote your book.

STOP!!! Move away from the social-media. Step away from the computer. RETHINK your SHAMELESS self promotion that will effectively help you sell more books!

1) Do you have an opt-in newsletter on you…

Is Self-Publishing For You?

I wanted to continue the blog with the self-publishing theme. We have all had to come to a cross-roads in our publishing career. Whether it's starting out as a traditional author and deciding to self-publish novels you have your rights back to, completely self-publish, self-publish along with traditional publish, or even traditional publish while letting your agent's self-publishing model publish your shorts (we will talk about this on Monday), everyone's experience is different.
I have to say that I have never heard one self-published author say a negative word about the benefits of self-publishing after they have done it. Granted it takes a little bit of a learning curve to self-publish correctly, but the benefits out-weigh the freight they have when they first thought of the idea of self-publishing. 
I was excited to get an email from self-published author, Seumas Gallacher! Seumas has made some great strides and paved the way for many self-published authors! His thrill…