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Over the past couple weeks I have been hearing a lot about tagging and clicking like on Amazon books. This is really nothing new. But it hit me like a ton of bricks!

It's new to all the traditional authors or writers who have decided to let go of the traditional route and self-publish. It's nothing new to the indie community. We have been tagging and liking books for YEARS.

As a matter of fact, this time last year tagging and liking Amazon books (any retailer for that matter) was a big controversy. The issue was how it was misleading to "the reader" when the person tagging or liking the book hadn't even read it. Even Amazon went as far as deleting ebook tags for a little while but then they  brought them back.

I saw it as a BIG BUNCH OF CRAP!

I didn't give into the controversy because tagging and liking works for me. I do like the author and I do think they have tagged their books correctly. AND there is a reason those likes and tags are there.

1) The more likes you have your book moves up in the Amazon algorithms which helps with visibility. I'm not an expert on algorithms and I really don't care how they work just as long as I'm in there somewhere. 

2) Tagging your books help readers, YES READERS, find your book. A CHARMING CRIME is my latest novel. I tagged it magical, witches, potions, mystery, woman sleuth plus more. When a NEW reader who hasn't read me types in witch mystery or cozy mystery, my novel will pop up in the search as possible books they might like. BUT you have to have a lot of tags to get up in those algorithms. 

3) Liking and tagging your author friend's book is a GREAT way to pay it forward! It really is easy to do and takes no time at all. I always make sure that when my closest author friend's novel comes out, I go and tag/like the book. 

4) Tagging and liking groups. YES! I'm in a couple groups where we tag and like each other's books. One is a closed group, while the other is on the Kindle Board Author Tag Exchange. It's a great way to get some quick tags when your book is released and climb higher in those algorithms. 

5) Do you LOVE to view the who bought your book bought this book? Guess what? The tagging and liking helps put you in those streams too!! 

As you can see, liking and tagging is a great promotional tool. BUT beware....There is a down side to tagging. Readers can go in and add their own tags. Or even jealous writers can tag your novel. That is a very nasty thing to do, but it does happen. 

So it's super important to make your tags relevant to your books. Go ahead! Tag and like!

. . .Oh! If there was a LOVE click...I'd do that too!

What are your thoughts on tagging/liking? Do you do it?


  1. Great post, Tonya, but I don't agree with "liking" books that you have not read. Readers have voiced opinions that they use those "Likes" as they do reviews, so it send a message to them that perhaps those authors who are "liking" didn't mean to send. I'm all for tagging, but you might want to rethink the "Liking" of books you have yet to read.

  2. Thanks for this info, Tonya ... something else I need to remember come August 22nd. ;)

    1. Very exciting, Gerri! I'm sure you are thrilled for August 22 to get here.


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