Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Gifts!

Remember to promote the gift of reading this Christmas during your gift giving time. I'd be honored if you gifted one of my novels, if not mine, another author would be GREAT! 

Let's READ!

Friday, December 19, 2014


I've jumped into the social media world of Thunderclap!
Thunder. . . huh?
Thunderclap is an amazing campaign free to me and to you. It really helps get the word about about the campaign you are supporting by connecting to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler.

If you sign up or participate, on the day of the campaign, mine is January 1st, the campaign message will go across social media in one big THUNDERCLAP. won't hear it, but everyone will see it! It's just spreading the word and that is the best thing a reader can do for an author. SPREAD THE WORD!

All you have to do is follow the link below and Thunderclap does all the work. You don't have to do anything on January 1st. Thunderclap does it all! Easy peasy!

If you sign up for my THUNDERCLAP, Here is what you will be spreading to the world. 

I want everyone to discover the magic of the MAGICAL CURES MYSTERY SERIES NOVELS! But I need your help in promoting my Thunderclap. I'm asking for 100 supporters. If I get the 100 supporters by January 1st, all the novels will be .99 for a limited time! Please help me spread the word!

I'd love to have your support! Happy weekend! xo

Thursday, December 18, 2014

TRUE Confessions of June Heal!

June Heal was asked to do an interview. Of course she wanted to, so I had to be there during the interview....

I had no idea she had such a BIG MOUTH! Plus there is a giveaway, so pop on over and check it out!

June Heal Interview HERE.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Most of you have heard about the new social media Tsu. Of course I'm over there! Come find me!

Tonya Kappes on Tsu.

Here are my thoughts....
1) It's easy to use.

2) The timeline feed is called a diary. It doesn't trickle like and move like Facebook's feed. AND it doesn't show me last status updates from a few days ago like Facebook does. It shows me the true up to date status of my friends/followers! I love that!!

3) It also give me the reach of ALL of my friends and followers, not like Facebook. For instance....I have 3k LIKES on my Facebook page. These are authentic likes from people who want me in their feed. Not just friend and go. They are LIKES.  I had a Holiday ISpy party and Facebook ONLY let 261 of my likes see the post. 

Facebook is making it harder and harder for authors to connect with their readers. 
4) Tsu is helping cut back on trolls. You aren't allowed to just share to be entered into a contest, or like to be entered into a contest. You really have to LIKE someone in order to use a share. This is priceless!

5) You can like, share, and comment to get a cut of their cash...I'm not really sure what I'm talking about here (hahahaha!), but it's still something Facebook isn't doing!

So are you going to TSU???

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Are you on Goodreads? I am! I hope you come over and join me. 
Tonya Kappes Goodreads 

But I want to know exactly how you use Goodreads. Do you only mark the books you want to read? Do you actually go to the author's pages and look around? Do you take advantage of the 'ASK THE AUTHOR' feature? 

I truly want to know how to connect with you on Goodreads!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Club Love

Over the weekend I was able to make it to my Diva-Lit Couture Book Club! These girls are amazing!!! We get together once a month and discuss a book. There is even a quiz about the chosen book and you can win a prize! Fun! 

It's truly not about prizes. It's about making the time to get together with friends and share our love of reading! 
And if you do have a book club and you are reading one of my books, I'd love to know about it. We can Skype, Google hangout, and I send swag!

Do you have a  book club? Tell me about it!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Favorite Ornament and Giveaway!

Happy holidays! This time of year makes me (and a lot of others) a bit more sentimental.
My family celebrates Christmas and everything that comes with it, making gingerbread houses, putting up a Christmas tree or seven (yes! I have seven in my house…is that weird?), candy making, cookie decorating, skiing, snow tubing, gift giving (the wrapping I’m not a fan of), eating the candy and cookies we made, church, and family gatherings. But the one tradition I love most is going to pick out the live tree.
It’s become a tradition for me and my family (hubby and three teenage boys) to go pick out the tree, strap it on the car, bring it home (yes, you can picture Christmas Vacation and I’m definitely Clark…and we do have a few Uncle Eddie’s in the family), and immediately put it up.
(Cody's glitter ornament. He is now 21!)

The homemade Christmas ornaments my boys have made over the years are so much fun to go through and we laugh while Bing Crosby and old school Alvin and the Chipmunks play in the background…and yes, a plate of homemade cookies and apple cider to go with it.

(Austin's homemade snowman, Jack's Popsicle stick reindeer, and Brady's homemade penguin are only three of a tree full of memories!)

Then we get to the box my guys have titled: Mom’s Special Ornament. It is only one ornament that I get to place on the tree. It takes my breath away every time I see it.
Rudolph…the little guy that stands about three-inches tall and is missing his little black eyes, takes his place~front and center.

Rudolph was given to me, now over thirty-five years ago, from my grandmother. She was and remains such an inspiration to me. 
My grandmother didn’t drive and couldn’t read. But she could tell a great story. She told me about all the things Rudolph had to overcome and encouraged me to be as strong as him because sometimes life wasn’t easy.

All it took was that three-inch plastic reindeer to inspire everything in my life, to overcome any and everything that stepped into the way of me reaching my dreams.

What is your favorite ornament and why? One lucky comment will win an ebook copy for them or for someone else of SNOWPLACE LIKE HOME!