I’m Bernadette Butler, United States postal carrier. Mom to Grady Butler. Widow.

Have you ever been around one of those people who say there’s something coming or something about to happen? Or you’ve been thinking ‘bout her and she calls at that moment, that instant?
My best friend, Iris Peabody, she’s not one of those psychics or anything, but she does get those weird feelings ever once and a while. The first time we were in third grade. She swore to me how she’d seen a vision of Bobby Peters, the cutest boy in school, kissing me on the old rubber tire that was cemented into the ground on the playground. As soon as the teacher said it was time for recess, I darted out to that playground and perched myself right on top of that tire.
Bobby Peters himself ran by and pushed me right off, sending me to the ground and breaking my wrist. Boy, was Iris wrong.
Then there was another time when we were in high school and Iris told me she’d had one of them visions where Bobby Peters was going to ask me to prom. When I saw him walk over to our table in the cafeteria, my heart went pitter-pat.
He up and asked Iris. She went.
It wasn’t until years later, when I’d already gotten married to Richard Butler—making me Bernadette Butler, stay-at-home mom and ex-United States postal worker—and Iris was already divorced from Bobby Peters when she called me up at three p.m. one afternoon. I was getting ready to head on over to the high school football stadium to watch Grady. Oh no, he didn’t play football; he was the Sugar Creek Gap grizzly bear mascot that did get promoted to manager of the team the following year. Still, I went to every game Sugar Creek Gap High School played to watch my boy run up and down the sidelines in the ridiculous bear outfit, waving the high school flag in our very small town of Sugar Creek Gap, Kentucky.
Anyways, back to Iris. Well, she called me right before I was setting out for the game, asking all sorts of questions about Richard and whether I’d talked to him. Her exact words were, “I feel like something is wrong with Richard.”

To this day, I still get chills thinking about it.
Iris insisted I call him, but I knew Richard was away on business in our neighboring state of Tennessee, according to the online calendar we shared. There was no reason to bother him, especially when Iris’s little “feelings” had never come true yet.
I was cheering on the cute bear when I noticed the state Sheriff had showed up at the game. It was like a slow-motion scene when I recalled seeing them ask someone a question, and the person had pointed directly at me. The Sheriff officers’ eyes met mine, and my stomach dropped. Iris Peabody’s feeling about my beloved Richard had come true: he had been killed in a car wreck on his way to his meeting.
I’m Bernadette Butler, United States postal carrier. Mom to Grady Butler. Widow.

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Weekly Chit-Chat

Happy October, Y'all!!! 
It sure doesn't feel like fall around here. It's in the mid 90's. Although I do love my pool, I LOVE fall and really can't wait until I can wear scarves, sweaters, and then I'll be complaining about how cold it is.
Let me tell y' can be 70's degrees out side and I'll be in shorts and flip flops...70's inside and I've got on a sweatshirt and cover on me! Right now, this morning...I have my coffee, a snuggy on plus another blanket on my legs! about 20 minutes I'll be roasting from menopause! 
Bless this hot mess!!!
Austin and Brady turned 22 over the weekend! I just can't believe it!!! We had a really nice time with family and friends. Brady's lady friend came with him while Austin brought a slew of college kids with him. 
I had Sonny's barbecue cater the event and it was soooo good! We had pulled chicken and pulled pork. 
I was sad Jack wasn't able to make it. University of Cincinnati basketball had their photos taken....go figure!
Are y'all on Instagram?? I stick a lot of pictures over's probably gonna be a little too much Tonya but I just love them photos!!!!!! 

Happy Book Birthday

Welcome to Normal, Kentucky where nothing is normal!

The Daniel Boone National Forest is gorgeous in the fall. The leaves have painted the sides of the mountains with yellow, oranges, reds and browns you won't see anywhere else. That's why it's such a popular destination for weddings!

When a wedding party show up at Happy Trails Campground, Mae West is thrilled. She's all things girly and excited to assist the bride in all things southern, which is what the bride is hankering for.
Mae recognizes the parents of the bride when they arrive. They are from her past. The past she's been desperately trying to escape...especially since it was the time she was married to Paul West. This just isn't any couple, it's the owners of the famous Moonbucks Coffee Company.

Determined to get the happy couple married off and on their way, hoping to see some of her past drive off forever, Mae volunteers herself and the Laundry Club ladies to become the wedding coordinators.

The wedding is set to take place in the beautiful wedding barn at the Old Train Station Motel, only Gert Hobson, the owner of Trails Coffee Shop and providing the coffee for the happy couple, has decided there's no way she's going to help out with Tom Moon's daughter's wedding since she claims how years ago Tom Moon STOLE her coffee blend recipe known today as the special Moonbucks blend.

A public fight between Gert and Tom leaves Gert a prime suspect after a member of the wedding party is found dead at the wedding venue. There might not be a happily ever after for the bride to be or Gert Hobson if Mae West and the Laundry Club ladies don't solve the murder before the wedding party's RV rolls out of town.



πŸ™€Just when I thought there were no more kittens.... ☕ Coffee Chat With Tonya

This past weekend sure didn't start off like Eddy and I thought it would. It was parent's weekend at The University of Kentucky. It's Austin's senior year. After his term as his fraternity president was up, he'd decided he was done with the fraternity life so he went alumni. Since he's no longer active in the fraternity, he is more than happy to spend his weekends with his friends as normal students do. It by no means hurt our feelings when Austin decided we weren't going to do parents weekend. That meant we didn't have to go to the football. Hahha! WHICH...Eddy and I were good with that. Nonetheless, we made other plans for another day in the upcoming week to drive down there and go out to supper. 
On Saturday I spent the day writing on one of the new Mail Carrier Series books and getting my 2020 publishing scheduled nailed down, emailing various employees such as my cover artist and editor as well as getting my content planned on various social media platforms. AND....getting all the new recipes for the next few books baked and filmed so we can get those up on the Youtube book channel. 
It was a great working day. Cody came over for ribs on the grill and we were ready to turn in for the bank called to ask me about a couple of charges that were out of character for me! Someone had stolen my card and charged all sorts of stuff. It happens...
Sundays I try not to work. We like to go to church and get groceries for the week. I meal plan and we just take it easy. Nope. Not this Sunday!

Oh those little stinkers! Here's how Sunday went. After we got our groceries unloaded, I said, "I think I'll get another cup of coffee and sit by the pool before I start baking." Eddy thought it sounded like a good idea so he got himself a cup of coffee too. 
Rowena was looking out the window at us as she does, then I noticed she started to get fidgety. I figured she was looking at mama cat but then I noticed two little yellow ears pop out from underneath the deck. I jumped up and ran up there. THREE MORE KITTENS!!! 
Y'ALL! I already had the FIVE in the window this means both mama cats had babies! The yellow kitten ran underneath the deck (the small part where we can't get to) and I grabbed the two grey ones. 
Eddy and I were running around like crazy! I was so stunned, I...I...I'm still stunned. I already had homes for the five and they were going there today, but I called the people and figured a couple days wasn't going to hurt. Then I checked the other two I'd just caught to see if they would eat cat food. They did! So, I gathered up all the babies. 7 total and put them in the carrier and drove them down to Lexington to their new homes....
Then we stopped by my parent's house for a nice visit with them before we called Austin. We weren't going to stop by to see him but he said, "Can you take me grocery shopping."
Of course I jumped on it! So all in all, we did end up going to Lexington during parent's weekend. 
We have two have a heart traps. They are covered so the mamas don't know they are traps. I can't leave the traps out overnight because the coyotes or raccoons would claw the mamas to death. When I do put out the traps (daily) they sit on top of them. It's like they know what the traps are. I've even had three animal rescues here. We do have another rescue coming in the next week to see if they can use one of those box traps with the string. You know...the old kind. 
So PLEASE do not email about how I can catch the mamas. AND don't fill out the ask me a question form about how I'm going to catch the mamas. 
Trust me...we are beside ourselves over. 

Welcome to Trails Coffee Shop in Normal, Kentucky

Come on in and grab a seat. I’ll be right with you. Unfortunately, the entire town and tourist go nuts over this time of the year. Fall is a great time to hiking and camping out in the gorgeous weather. 

Let me welcome you to the the Daniel Boone National Park.
Anyways,  I’m providing all the coffee for tonight’s event fall event. I'm gong to be showcasing the new Christmas blend that will be featured in the shop over the holidays. I'll grab you a sample to try. By the
way, my name is Gert. Gert Hobson. It’s nice to meet you.

Those giggling girls over there are a wedding party. The one with the bride sash on is obviously the bride. They aren't from here, but she wanted a southern wedding. That's something we do great around weddings. I'm excited to be catering their coffee bar. It's a thing now.

You recognize her as who? She's the daughter of Tom Moon? As in Tom Moon the owner of the huge coffee chain Moonbucks?

I'm sorry. I'm not going to be able to give you that sample after all. In fact, I'm going to have to close. Something just came up. I'm finally going to get the chance to confront Tom Moon. About? 

Well...years ago Tom Moon stole my recipe for my special coffee blend that you know as the Moonbucks special roast. I can't wait to get my claws into him.....


Let the adventures continue and see if Gert's claim and finger pointing to Tom Moon is valid! Or hope she can prove it before he shows up dead and she's the number one suspect.

Grab you copy today!

Like Gert and the rest of Normal, I love my coffee and I hope you will join me for Coffee Chat with Tonya.

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A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery Photo of the Week

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What did my book signing and Dolly Parton have to do with each other?

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be asked to come to White Pines Bookstore for a Mystery Day. It is located in White Pines, TN. The event was over the weekend and it was sooooo much fun!
One of the coordinators had made a special June Heal cake! If you've read The Magical Cures Mystery Series, you'll know how much this cake means to June and her sanity!!! Isn't it awesome???
There were 7 Kappes Krew Street members there too!! All of them had to drive an hour or more to come and I couldn't be more honored. You can be a member of the Kappes Cozy Krew group too!!! >>>> click here

While I was in Tennessee, I'd rented a cabin really in the woods! I'd gotten food and didn't need to leave for a few days. I didn't spend the time writing, I worked on my production schedule and content schedule. I had gotten a lot done that requires the time. This is really the hardest part of being a full time writer. Making sure all the business stuff is done.
I did take some hikes and just so happened to walk into a clearing where there was this little cemetery that was completely hidden, but had the most spectacular view of the mountains. In fact, I went twice to visit. It was really nice. a writer....I did a little research when I got back. The stones had carved dates on them by in the mid 1800's. The two family names were Parton and in DOLLY!!! Actually, Dolly's childhood home was a stones throw away from my little one room cabin I'd rented! 
It was so neat. I had no idea. I was staying on her childhood road deeeeeeeeeeeeep in the woods. I mean....deep!!!! 

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I’m Bernadette Butler, United States postal carrier. Mom to Grady Butler. Widow.

Have you ever been around one of those people who say there’s something coming or something about to happen? Or you’ve been thinking ‘bout ...