Do you believe in curses?

By Mae West from A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery Series written by Tonya Kappes

Meh, I'm not scared...

especially when there is a lot of money to be found. At least that's what the treasure hunter staying at my campground had said during his time to tell a story over the campfire. Now, I know most stories told in the dark over a few scorched s'mores and a roaring flame were considered tall tales, but not the legend of John Swift and his silver mine. 
Legend has it, over 400 years ago an Englishman by the name of John Swift had been a sea captain with trades when the English were taking over the land. John Swift was so mad at how his people had robed the land that he started to counterfeit the English crown and giving it to the people of the land. It just so happens, John Swift ventured into our very own Daniel Boone National Forest where he hide his operations and not only buried much of the coins, but found silver. After being put in jail for his criminal ways, his journals were left behind along with his maps and still today treasure hunters flock Kentucky to look for the treasure.
Only....few have come away without something going horribly wrong. I'm not scared. Me and the Laundry Club ladies want our own crack at finding the treasure and that means packing up my campervan and heading to a primitive campground without electricity or cell phone service.
We aren't scared! After all, we are being accompanied by one of the best treasure hunters who knows exactly what he's doing.
At least I thought he did until he fell off a cliff and died. Unfortunately, there's no way out because a big rain has flooded the roads and it appears as if we are in a little pickle. I was beginning to think we were having just a little bad luck until another person turned up dead.
Now I'm wondering if it's the John Swift curse or someone trying to scare us....

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How adorable is this cover???
Honestly, I can't believe that I have another series coming out. Truthfully, the series started out soooooo different then what it has ended up.
A few months ago a local town had gone up for sale. Yes! A town for sale. I was so intrigued by it and thought it would be a lot of fun for a widow to buy the town and her occupation...a mail carrier...why not??
For months I played with different plots and characters, but my mail carrier, Bernadette Davis, wasn't having any part of it.
Then it hit me. She just needs to be a widow, a mail carrier, and have an adult son in a small town. There isn't anything particularly interesting to people outside of the town like my other series, but it's the characters and town itself that will be the big draw for my readers.
It doesn't hurt that a nursing home is on Bernadette's route which is home to a few savvy elderlies.

Once I got all of that established, the story just poured and felt like it was natural. I have to say that I'm beyond thrilled with it and I can't wait to share Bernadette with the cozy mystery reader world!


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Not just about the coffee

When I decided to become an author I had ONE goal in mind and still live by that goal: REACH ONE READER!!

What I mean by that is that I want to make ONE person smile everyday, one person get lost into a world of laughter, light mystery, and forget about life for a while.

No matter how easy or how hard your day is, we still need the down time. That was what reading a book did for me. I've never claimed to be a literary great or a read that you have to think really hard to follow the plot. I'm like a beach read. Something that you can pick up and know that you will smile, laugh, and think how on earth does Tonya come up with these crazy characters.

That was and still is my number one goal. So...when I decided to become an author, I wanted to connect with readers the way I would want an author to connect with me. I like hearing how authors work, but I LOVED hearing about their everyday life and things they enjoyed because I felt like I was stepping inside of their world. If I liked that, then I hoped my readers would like that. Of course I have to talk about writing and books, but mostly I'm about everyday life on social media and on my blog. Plus I LOVE giveaways and I love giving them away. I'm a sue me!

What does coffee have to do with all this? I LOVE COFFEE!! I'm addicted. It's bad. Six years ago I started posting a daily good morning coffee photo on my Facebook. It took off like gossip in a small town and I found a fun way to connect with my friends and readers on social media. I've even gotten a lot of fun coffee items mailed to me from my reader friends. (BTW..I don't use the word FAN because that word rubs me wrong. Readers are readers, like me!)

Every night I look forward to getting up the next day because I know I'm going to get to have coffee with a few thousand of my friends!

What about you? How does your favorite author connect with you??

For years, USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes has been self-publishing her numerous mystery and romance titles with unprecedented success. She is famous not only for her hilarious plot lines and quirky characters, but her tremendous marketing efforts that have earned her thousands of followers and a devoted street team of fans.

Welcome to the grand opening of the Old Train Station Motel and hoedown!

Hi do there! I'm Coke and I'm the owner of the Old Train Station Motel. Welcome to our grand opening. I've got you in guest room eight. So if you'll follow me, I'll tell you about old station along our way.

I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to buy the old train station just north of Normal in the Daniel Boone National Park. It'd been run down for years. It was a beautiful station in it's day and I had a crazy idea I'd turn some of the space into ten guest rooms.
Like I said....crazy!

The middle has been restored to a gorgeous courtyard area. I've even put in telescopes for the motel guests to enjoy the constellations after they eat in the Caboose Diner.
There are five rooms on each side of the courtyard. I have two barns on the property. One I'm using for the hoedown tonight. I really hope you can make it. Blue Ethel and the Farm Boys is the name of the band. I've got good food and plenty of sweet tea. So bring your partner and come for the Do-Si-Do.

As you can see, we've got plenty of room to sit and fill your tummy. It's a good time to socialize with the locals. If you run into someone old gizzer by the name of Jay, don't pay him any mind. He's mad because I bought this place from his family. It's been in his family for years and it's also under bankruptcy.

He's got a thorn up his youknowwhat because I'm making him move out of that stable in the back. He trains locals how to rope and compete in horse competition. It's a big deal in Kentucky and many college offers scholarships. I know it's his livelihood but I've got to make a go of this motel. The stables will be a perfect place for a wedding venue.

I've given him three weeks to move his clients to a different stable. That should be plenty of time, but he don't see it that way. Of course, he insists on arguing with you hear that?

It sounds like music has started. Go on now, get your things in your guest room and come on out back to the hoedown.

(Y'all this is really Tonya's family on a Sunday. Yep....I write what I know. These are my family. I hope you enjoy a little big of southern Sunday family fun!)

Want to hear exactly how Coke's feud with Jay ends...let's say it's not so pretty. . .

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Welcome to Normal, Kentucky~ where nothing is normal.

A Campers and Criminal Mystery Series is another brainchild of USA Today Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes. If you love her quirky southern characters and small town charm with a mystery to solve, you're going to love her new cozy mystery series!

Everyone in Normal is excited for the Hoe Down to celebrate the opening of the new Old Train Station motel grand opening. 

The evening comes to an abrupt end when a lightning storm knocks out all the power. At least, that's what appears to have knocked out the electricity. But things aren't always as they appear.

Mae West has a way of sticking her nose where it doesn't belong and finds herself in a dangerous situation when she finds a treasure map that leads to more than just treasure. . . a dead body!

Battle at Camp Wildcat, Normal, Kentucky

Hi there! I'm so glad you're visiting our little town of Normal. Right over there is where the Camp Wildcat happened between the north and the south on the morning of October 21, 1861.
I'm Queenie French the Foundation of Camp Wildcat president. We met at The Laundry Club yesterday. We've been doing the reenactment for years and this year is going to be the best yet.

If you take a gander at the map, you'll see you're standing where the red star is located.
I know the battle was in the fall, but Colonel Theophilous Garrard had started to form his unit in the spring of 1861.
Besides, the weather in Kentucky in the fall is so wonky and unpredictable, I asked the committee to change the reenactment to the spring. Plus, look at this weather. Gorgeous!

Granted, the outcome of the reenactment is the same year after year, but I have to say that the actors I've picked this year will be fantastic and on their mark. It takes a lot of skill to drop dead and lay there for an hour or two until the reenactment is over.
I know of few of my actors are a little. . .um . . .nervous since Greaser Gadie has escaped prison and they were on the jury. I'd be nervous too if I was a juror and he turned to me and say, "I'm taking a minute to remember your face so when I get out of here I'm going to find you and kill you."
But I'm sure he's long gone by now.
Right? I mean, if I escaped from prison, I wouldn't hang around to make good on a silly promise. . .would you???

4 small bananas
1/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup miniature marshmallows
1. Leaving skin on, cut the banana down the middle without cutting through the bottom of the skin.
2. Open the banana like a taco and add some chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows.
3. Wrap the stuffed banana in foil.
4. Sit the foiled banana on a grate over the open campfire.
5. Check the banana in five minutes and continue to check until the marshmallows and chocolate chips have melted to desired taste.

Welcome to The Laundry Club.

Good morning! Get on in here. Welcome to The Laundry Club. I heard some rumblings y'all might be stopping by. I've invited the Laundry Club gals to join us. Let me introduce myself. I'm Betts Hager. I own this laundromat and a cleaning service. Not that you're going to need a cleaning service, but you might fall in love with Normal and decide not to leave.
That's what happened to our very own Mae West.
Don't you just love her? We do. Well, we didn't, but we adore her now.
Mae singlehandedly brought Happy Trails Campground back to life and started up tourism again in the Daniel Boone National Park. You do know that's where Normal is located. Right in the heart of the national park.
Anyways, our economy was headed straight in the toilet. When Mae got here, she was going to sell the campground and scatter right back to New York City. We weren't so welcoming since it was her ex-now dead-husband had taken almost everyone in Normal for their retirement. Still, everyone deserves a second chance. We gave Mae one and she gave us one.

She never left.

Goodness gracious, enough of my gabbing. Let me introduce you to the Laundry Club gals. They are hanging out over there by the coffee bar. We love coffee and I keep it freshly brewed all day for anyone who meanders off the street or here to use the laundromat.

Girls, say hello to our new friend. Don't mind Dottie Swaggert with her sponge curlers in her hair. She's loves a tight curl in that red head of hers. That right there is Abby Fawn. She's so smart. That's probably what makes her a great librarian. If you have any questions about social media marketing, she can help you. If you have any leftovers while eating here in Normal, you can also see Abby for your Tupperware needs.
We do have some good home cooking around these parts and if you're not careful, you just might gain a few pounds. That's why you need to meet Queenie French. That's why she's wearing that hot pink spandex suit. She teaches Jazzercise down in the undercroft of the Normal Baptist Church.

Now that you've been introduced properly, you can head on over to the puzzle station in the corner where you'll find some games while you wash and dry your clothes. Or you can enjoy your coffee in the family room area up front and watch a little tv. Or you can head on back to the reading corner where we have a shelf full of amazing books. You should check out Tonya Kappes. She's a Kentucky author. We try to promote our own kind as much as we can.

Or you can just hang out with us.

I guess I could tell you how we formed the club. All us gals come here to chit chat and it evolved into a book club. It was fittin' we name it The Laundry Club after the name. It stuck and that's what we are known for around Normal.

We were just mean discussing the big reenactment tomorrow. Queenie is in charge and she's having a hard time finding a replacement for someone who can't make it. Plus, we heard one of the prisoners just broke out and the Kentucky State Police is all over Normal.

Anyways, top off your coffee cup and sit a spell.

Why not try a piece of our Blueberry Crumb Cake.

Welcome to Normal, Kentucky, where nothing is . . . NORMAL!

Mae West, owner of Happy Trails Campground, never thought she would become an actress like her namesake. Calling herself an actress might be far stretch as she plays a minor role in the local Civil War reenactment BATTLE AT CAMP WILDCAT.

When the reenactment doesn't go as planned, not one but two of the town's folks aren't playing dead. . .they were MURDERED!

Come to find out there was a prison break and the serial killer is believed to be in Normal and someone has stolen a motorhome from Happy Trails Campground.

Are these connected?

Mae lets boyfriend and hunky detective, Hank Sharp, follow all the leads about the murders and on the trail of the serial killer because she's got bigger s'mores in the fire.

The motorhome owners have filed a lawsuit and suing her for the deed to Happy Trails Campground. Mae has embraced Normal and there's nothing or no one going to take her campground. She's determined to find the motorhome and return it to the owners before she hands over any deed to anyone.

Mae just might find out that tapping into her namesake just might come in handy when coming face to face with a serial killer.
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Do you believe in curses?

By Mae West from A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery Series written by Tonya Kappes Seriously...curse? Meh, I'm not scared... ...