Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tips To Pay It Forward To Other Authors

We spend so much time promoting our own novels, we sometimes forget that we have some really great author friends who also have novels they would like promoted.

I'm a big fan of PAYING IT FORWARD. I mean TRULY paying it forward! The kind of paying it forward when you help someone without expecting anything back!

Here are some tips from an AUTHOR'S point of view:

Go to your friend's novel and click the like button. The more 'likes' they have, the more visual they become for more readers to find them. Don't ask me how algorithms work...they just do.

If you have read their book and agree with their tags, go ahead and tag them too.

As a reader, you can create a LISTMANIA LIST. Add your favorite authors to it. This helps new readers find new authors, your friend's book! Be sure to TAG and LIKE books that you do like by your author friends. 

Give your friends a shout-out or two on the day of their release and be sure to link to their book so it will be easy for your tweets to find.

On the day of your friend's release, be sure to give them a shout-out on your Facebook pages.

If your writer friends have blogs, be sure to follow their blog. It's always fun to share their blogs with their target audience.

Tell me, how do you pay it forward?


  1. Yes, yes, and yes, Tonya. I could use some PIF love for my debut novel. I knew my family and friends would read it, but it's breaking outside that circle that is daunting.
    So, if I may - my novel is called "Chocolate for Breakfast" and it's available as an e-book on Amazon. I do realize it takes time to build an audience.
    And what have I done? I've retweeted whatever I can, just beta-read a manuscript for an author pal, and have joined a bunch of Kindle and Indie writers' groups to help promote others' works. As always, a brilliant post. xxx

    1. Hi, Martha! It sounds like you are starting to break out of your circle with all the tweet teams, and Kindle stuff you are doing. Have you also connected with readers on the Nook and Kindle boards? Getting on there and just being a reader is great way to connect with them. Read my post from yesterday. I think it will really help you.

  2. I, too, am a big fan of paying it forward! I just really got active on Twitter a few months ago, and host 3-5 books on my blog on Wednesdays for "Book Talk," and interview an author or resource personality on Fridays for "Fridays With Friends." I follow blogs and tweet and retweet as often as I can, comment on blog posts, beta-read, and review. Other authors have done the same for me and I truly appreciate it. Yes, even though most writers are wonderful, giving people, we can get so caught up in our own worlds that we all need reminders at times :-) Great article, Tonya!

    1. Hi, Dariel! I"m so glad you shared with us!

  3. I really admire how much you do. And a few other authors too. But how do you manage it and find time to keep writing??! By the time I have finished at work and done some of this, I am looking at giving up sleep to get it all done!

    I take my hat off to you! Muchly impressed, and I love your books too :)

  4. I've begun featuring my writer friends on my blog on Wednesdays.....would love to have you on there Tonya!!! I also try to retweet friend's tweets. :). I am always looking for new ideas though. Xx

  5. Great post, Tonya. I make my blog available to fellow authors to post their book features and guest posts. I tweet their interviews and support all of their promos and freebies.

    I do think guest authors need to reciprocate a bit more when they are on the receiving end. I had one guest who never replied to her single comment. Don't expect the host to do all the tweeting, comment monitoring, and promote your book.

    The guests I appreciate the most are those who promote their own post and also add a few shoutouts for me, the host. The best ones have bought my book and reviewed it without me asking. Now, that's a win-win situation. And you can bet I remember who THEY are. :) And the next time they have a promo or new release, they get my full press effort.

    So it's all about making it a win-win situation for others and you'll both reap the rewards. Thanks for the reminder about Listmania. I haven't thought about that.

  6. Another blog that's so, so INFORMATIVE!!! Thank you:))

  7. I haven't really paid attention to the Like button on Amazon before, but after reading this I will be sure to click that more (when appropriate, of course, i.e., when I really like a book).

    Your suggestions also highlight the importance of having (and pre-promoting) a specific release date for a new book, so that people can tweet or post to FB/G+ on that date. "Release date buzz" is something I completely missed when I released the books I currently have on the market. Oh well, next time...

  8. Hi Tonya,
    Before I ever even wrote the novel that is releasing next week, I did interviews for new authors on my blogs and promoted them on facebook (didn't have twitter then). I still promote them and do interviews on my site. In fact, I'm doing one tomorrow. I totally believe in paying it forward. Now I also do a review on B&N and Goodreads when I read a book and love it. Hey, speaking of which, I just bought A Charming Crime and will start it as soon as I finish first round edits on my second book. Can hardly wait to start it. Of course, I will do a review and put the word out on how I liked it on twitter and FB. :)