Tuesday Coffee with Tonya and Weekly Giveaway

Good morning! y'all remember in an earlier newsletter in like May, I said that this summer was going to be quiet because all my boys were out of the house? Apparently, I lied. I've seen my kiddos more this summer than when they lived here.
Over the weekend three were home and brought a few more with them. I have to say that I loved cooking for that many again and hearing them laugh and cut up. It's nice the boys like to bring friends home.
And Eddy...he just can't relax. He's decided to build me a She Shed! I was cracking up because he and Austin were discussing all sorts of plans. Austin is studying to be an architect and he was excited. He even drew his image of my She Shed with me inside.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of my She Shed....
Also over the past few days we've had a mean game of Scrabble brewing on our kitchen chalk board. It's not your traditional Scrabble game and it was a perfect way for my kiddos to play and actually think about spelling. What I did was put magnets on the back of Scrabble tiles. In a small bucket, I put the tiles next to the board with the rules written on a piece of paper.

You get to play twice a day. You pick seven tiles out of the bucket and make a word. You put the left over tiles back in the bucket and tally your score for your word. The second turn you pick seven new tiles. Since Eddy and I had a game going and the boys came home, Eddy's words started getting bigger over the weekend. I knew one of those boys were helping him but no one has confessed, not even Eddy!
I finished up the weekend getting out the birthday mail to my readers who celebrate in July! If you aren't on my MAILBOX LOVE list, head on over to my website and sign up under the FRONT PORCH SITTIN' TAB.

The kittens are starting to trust me. I'm still feeding them and they are so cute. Charlie is getting his fair share of chasing them on his three legs.

We also had a Scooter appointment. It's become apparent that Scooter has lost all vision in the eye we were hoping would recover. At this point, we are treating with four medication just so they won't get infected and have decided to have his eyes removed on Thursday. The shock and sadness has swept over me like a cold, wet blanket. I had held onto the little bit of hope that he'd gain some sight back. It's been a very hard decision, but I'm told that this will help relieve the pain he's been having along with the inflammation. I've been making myself look at dogs with the same disease and the same treatment so I won't be shocked to see him with no eyes. I'm crying just writing this. Please say a little pray for my little sugar baby when you wake up on Thursday. I'll keep y'all posted.

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Joanne Kocourek 
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