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Tuesday Coffee With Tonya and Weekly Giveaway!

Happy Tuesdee! That's how we say Tuesday where I'm from.
Let me tell you....we need a hillbilly Siri! Or the gal in the hands free phone thingy in my car needs to understand me better. I'll say to call Eddy. She says "did you say call Penny? Did you say call Susie?" I end up going through my entire contact list. I thought I got smart and put Eddy's number under husband. appears that I wasn't so smart after all. She replied, "did you say call David." Dang....
That's just the tip of my last week...
Y'all aren't going to believe this. I'm not joking and hand to heaven, there was ANOTHER SNAKE!! Didn't I tell y'all last week that I could hear my Papaw say that if there was one there was more...mmmhmmmm. Do you think he was talking to me from the great beyond? Anyways, this one was bigger and fatter!
I have to say it was hilarious watching Eddy wrangle the thing into the garbage can to toss back into the creek. He was dancing around and I was shouting instructions out the slider door. He didn't appreciate that too much, but I was much better at giving directions than wranglin' it.

Hahhaa!! Look at Eddy! I was dying laughing, but sure to keep my distance.
As if that wasn't enough....that same day, there was a big snapper turtle in the yard! What in the world is going on??

You guessed right into the creek too. I've got me my own little zoo back there. I won't let Eddy kill them. But...if I see another snake...I might just let him.

A few days went by and we were all muddlin' right along until I heard some rustling underneath my back deck.

You guessed it! Another critter...well FIVE! A mama cat and 4 kittens!!! Stop my beating heart. I rushed out and got me some cat food. I ain't gonna say that Eddy is too happy about it because he's not. But look at that little face....Look at this gorgeous butterfly that I snapped a quick photo of....

It's crazy around here. I do have an pet rescue who will take the kittens, if I can get them. It's the funniest thing because the mama will lay in the grass and look at Scooter like what's up with that dog. Can't he see me here? He's yet to sniff them, but they sure are cute!!!

I took this picture of Charlie and included it here just because he's cute.
Tomorrow is 4th of July! How fun!! I'm excited to be hosting a small get together. I hope y'all have a wonderful holiday! Cheers to a great week and less animals!
xoxoxo ~ T.

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Reader of the week:
Kelly Reece
"Love the characters and supporting cast and great story lines in Tonya Kappes's books!"

Did you know that my best pal Duffy Brown and I have our own reader event? TWO DAMES ON A MYSTERY TRAIN!!

It's every October at a different location. This year we are in Knoxville, TN.
Check out the event by clicking here:

Also be sure to watch the fun video from last year  when we were in Lockport, NY.

The winner last week was Lamar Jackson. The gift card was already sent. That's why I ask for your email. Good luck!!<3
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