Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday Morning Coffee with Tonya and Weekly Giveaway

Geez louise! Eddy has always got to be doing something! He is an electrician and very handy all around. He can build anything, including an entire house. There's a problem with this...he's a perfectionist.

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NO JOKE! If you were to knock a hole in one of our walls, the wires all are nice and neat, clipped together with zip ties. It's gorgeous!

Here's the issue...there's always a project going on in our house. We moved into our house about six years ago when all four of my boys were in sports and high school. I was driving six different car pools. When I was driving car pool to lacrosse at the high school, I noticed there was a house that went up for sale a street over. There's amazing lakes and fishing along with about an acre of land! Granted, the house wasn't my dream home, but duh! I've got Eddy!

This got me out of car pool, but not out of having all these boys come to my house for an after school snack since it was so close. Here's what I know about that....I provided a lot of snacks. So these sport kids would come to the house before practice, eat, and poop! What is it with boys and pooping?????

Anyways...that's not where I was going with this, but that's hand to God truth.

The first thing we did was put in a salt water pool because I'm a pisces and I need an outdoor office. Second we gutted the kitchen. At the time people thought our idea of using butcher block and stainless steel was a little off beat, but look at us now!

Don't look at us now.

Because I decided I didn't like my cabinets anymore. I threw it out there that I wanted opened shelving and I went to Walmart, came home to this.....


I guess I'm getting my open shelving.

Featured Reader of the Week!
Yolanda D. Scott

"To next your books are like an escape from the boring ,hub,drum scenario of my life. I know it's not going to be dull and in the end I enjoyed the characters and the events that made the story come true. I choose to read your work for the obvious you are a fantastic writer,whom I throughly enjoy. I love your style, your personality is warm and sincere. I imagine that each character has something of yourself in each. There are only 4 Cozy writers I feel I could write forever about, you so happen to be one. Thank you for your open heart and gift to express."

Thank you, Yolanda!! I'm so honored to have you along my journey.


Look at these adorable little eggs!! They are the yummiest and easy to make. There is raspberry filling in this one, but you can use any filling or jam or even frosting. But they are sure to please. My boys love them and I think they are so fun to make during Easter season. I hope you try them too.

Anyways... CLICK HERE or here to get the Easter egg Petit Fours.


Author Friends of Tonya book sales!

CeeCee James latest release is still on sale! Grab while it's on sale for .99!!

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I'm so pumped that the cover for DEAD AS A DOORNAIL is revealed and there's currently a blog tour with prizes! The preorder is live too!!


Dead As a Doornail is the 5th book in the Kenni Lowry Mystery Series and will be releasing in May. I swear this just might be my most favorite cover so far...and the storyline...KILLIN" ME!!!

Early reviews: "I was glued to the pages trying to figure out the killer, how Kenni was going to deal with Polly, and if she was finally going to tell Finn about her Poppa."~ Reader Kelly Luza

"Everytime I read a book from this series it's like coming home. Kenni who is the sheriff is pushed into being the maid of honor for Polly Parker when her original maid of honor backs out. Polly is marrying the mayor and is a pushy sort. When Lucy ends up dead after a confrontation at Tiny Tina's Salon, it first looks like natural causes. When Kenni's Poppa shows up (he used to be the sheriff and he is now a ghost that helps her solve murders)she knows that Lucy had been murdered. Can Kenni, Finn her deputy boyfriend and her Poppa solve the murder before the wedding? Lots of twists and turns. A great read. If you like cozy mysteries you'll love this book. Love this series." ~ Holly LaFrance

"This is another fun read with all the gossip and laugh-out-loud antics of the Henny Hens. Kenni's mom is just too much. Kenni is having a spa day and listening to all the town gossip when Lucy Ellen Lowell comes in to the shop with no appointment demanding to be waited on. When she is told no openings are available for the day she threatens nasty reviews in the local paper. So the next day when Kenni is called to the scene and Poppa shows up she knows that things are not as they seem. Now with an investigation and a wedding that is the talk of the town Kenni has her hands full. I enjoyed this book and look forward to more." ~Reader Tracy Marrs

Here are the preorder links:

Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1127960659?ean=2940158639883

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2C15K8i

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38594513-dead-as-a-doornail?ac=1&from_search=true

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