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It's Valentine's week!!! Seriously...why am I so excited??? Because this year Eddy and I will be traveling to watch NKU (Jack) Norse play Wright State. It's only about an hour north of Cincinnati in Dayton, but we are going to go up early and have a nice little dinner and then go watch the boy do his thing! That alone just warms my heart.

Now...can you guess what this is?? It's a big old bad delicious deep friend MOON PIE!!!!!!


My oh my! They sale these at the NKU Norse Basketball games....bad Tonya. BUT I had to try one. One is banana and one is chocolate. It's smack YOUR mama's mouth good. No joke. I didn't eat a whole one, I just gave them both pretty big bites....maybe two...really big bites.


I just love this photos on so many levels! Joanne Kocourek has been a loyal reader for years and I just adore her! Look at her puppy!!!! OMG...without her being a reader, that puppy is enough!
Thank you Joanne!! xoxoxo




Y'all! What on earth did I do with all the bacon in my skillet???? You don't want to miss out on this recipe! It's my chicken and green beans one skillet meal that is so good!!!

Before y'all go and email me that bacon grease is bad for my health and that you saw ^^ up there ^^ that I ate fried Moon Pies....I'm healthy. I promise. AND this one skillet meal is actually pretty healthy and only 7 Smart Points if you're on Weight Watcher, which I'm a lifetime member at goal for 8 years. I go to a meeting every week because I have too!

Anyways... CLICK HERE or here to get the Chicken and Green Beans One Skillet meal. (NO! You don't have to have a skillet that's all seasoned and greased up like mine.)

Man oh man....If it's not enough for Facebook to keep changing up their algorithms, now Amazon is doing something that saddens me. They are deleting VERIFIED purchase reviews and unverified purchase reviews. This means ARC copies you receive from your favorite authors or even the review teams you're on. Now....this has happened to only ONE person I know if, but ramblings of others. This is so disheartening because reviews are so important to me and to my author friends.'s a GREAT solution! Did you know that you can leave your review on Bookbub? What? You don't belong to the free Bookbub site? You should! While you're there, follow my author page >>>> CLICK HERE TO GO THERE!

How do you post a review on Bookbub? Head on over to one of my books and on the right side of the page you'll see a box that has a few buttons that say Buy, Bookmark, or Review. Hit review and there you go! That easy.

Here is another site you can leave a review >>>> GoRead
Go Read is an up and coming review site and it's fun to get in on the front end! Still post your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (Goodreads is owned by Amazon), but it's always great to have some options.


Author Friends of Tonya book sales!

I know this cover says Christmas, but you won't be disappointed!!! Be sure to grab this one from my friend Larissa Reinhart while it's on sale for .99!!

grab it here!

I'm so pumped that next MONDAY February 19th along with several bloggers...the cover for DEAD AS A DOORNAIL and preorder will be live!

Dead As a Doornail is the 5th book in the Kenni Lowry Mystery Series and will be releasing in May. I swear this just might be my most favorite cover so far...and the storyline...KILLIN" ME!!!

Early reviews: "Once again Tonya Kappes has hit one out of the park! If you haven't visited Cottonwood Kentucky what are you waiting for?? Kenni, Finn and Poppa will take you on a mystery adventure and keep you wondering who did it? And did I mention Ms Kappes sense of humour. One funny lady!Received an ARC for an honest review" ~Suzanne Boyd

"Just when Sheriff Kendrick “Kenni” Lowery is finally having a relaxing day getting a pedicure and manicure at Tiny Tina’s Salon and Spa a ruckus erupts. Lucy Ellen Lowell, better known for her bad reviews of local establishments, enters the busy salon and insists that Tina give her a manicure and paint her nails in her favorite color. Even though she has been told that the salon is booked solid, as she leaves, Lucy Ellen throws a fit and threatens to send a bad review to the newspaper.The next time Kenni hears about Lucy, it’s that she is dead. Arriving at Lucy’s home, Kenni sees the ghost of her Poppa. Since her dead grandpa only shows up in Cottonwood when there is a murder, Kenni knows this is no simple death. Tonya Kappes has written another mystery with a cast of plenty of suspects, gossip and secrets. The way Poppa and Kenni work to find the killer and the sweet romance between Kenni and her deputy, Finn, Dead as a Doornail is an entertaining read and not to be missed in this series.I received an ARC of this book through Netgalley for my honest review."~ Paulette Beal

"A Top-Notch Southern Cozy MysteryA not-well-liked victim, a lot of gossip, a bridezilla, and a long list of possible suspects make this Kenni's hardest case yet! How will Poppa help Kenni with this case? Does Kenni finally tell Finn about Poppa? What big step do Kenni and Finn take in their relationship? You will have to read it to find out! This is a well-written mystery masterfully entwined with several other story lines. It will keep you on your toes, just like Kenni!"~Dianne Jessie


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Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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