Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spread The Holiday Love

There is nothing I love more than to give, give, and give. Each year my family and I sponsor a family for Christmas. My guys love it and I hope I am teaching them some great morals not to mention the lesson of giving without expecting anything in return.

When I came across this video of WestJet Airlines and how they spread the holiday cheer~it warmed my heart to know that a major company is still in the spirit of giving.

Yes! I cried when I watched it. So go on....give!
It doesn't have to be a family or a big gift. Sometimes folks just need a smile, cup of coffee, or a hug.


  1. I also give to a family in need at work we try to give to someone every year now that we can afford to do something even if its not a lot But the family we helped this year was so grateful it warms one heart to know they helped if even a little

  2. This was wonderful! So "feel good."

  3. We also Do "Shoebox's For Soldiers" We Appreciate all they do. Love Sending them Little Surprise's..


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