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Tuesday with Tonya!

Welcome to Tuesday with Tonya!! Today's question is from Street Team member Charlene!!

If you haven't seen the new Whispering Falls clothing line, please be sure to pop over to yesterdays post and browse the racks!

Whispering Falls Clothing Line

The Beach Peach Boutique has teamed up with US Today Bestselling Author, Tonya Kappes, to design a new line of fabulous clothes and accessories featuring character names from her popular Magical Cure mysteries. Stay tuned for sneak peek of the new spring line! 

OKAY!!! How freaking cool is this?? I've been biting at the bit to tell you, but I had to wait until the line was about to launch. There are so many cool pieces that are designed for June Heal and the gang at great prices! You can now own a piece of clothing that is specific to my MAGICAL CURE SERIES!!

Here are a few of the pieces!
Check out Bella's Baubles newest arrivals- these candy colored, celebrity inspired teardrop necklace sets are hard to keep in stock. Spring colors available: Mint, Orange, Sage, Hibiscus (Pink) or Mixed. $18 Comes with matching earrings. Please state color choice and quantity when ordering

The Charming Potion Dress $27 Fall in love with this sweet dress with it's pretty blue color and lace tr…

Sneaking Up!

This year my family decided to go on vacation right after Christmas instead of buying a ton of presents. We still sponsored the little boy and buy him gifts. This year he wanted a bike and basketball. I remember the days when my guys only wanted a bike or a basketball. As they got older, gifts got more expensive and they have gotten harder to buy for. They have everything they possibly need. Of course they get new clothes because all three of them have grown over an inch or two since September!
HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?? It seems like a year ago they were size 8 in little boys. Now I can't even buy their pants in store! I have to shop on line for all of my guys which does make clothes shopping much easier....

TV Tuesday with Tonya Kappes

Be sure to leave your question in the comment section or email Tonya via her contact page! If your question is chosen, you win a TONYA KAPPES PRIZE!

Don't forget to be here every Tuesday to see what ~
Inquiring reader minds want to know!

Romancing the Holidays

There is NOTHING more fun as a writer than meeting up with awesome readers! Especially during the holidays when everyone has a took of the spirit and feeling great!

I'm fortunate enough to have had an AWESOME book signing at our local Barnes and Noble store. LET ME TELL YOU~ I loved loved loved seeing June Heal and Mr. Prince Charming on the bookshelf along side a bunch of my other author friends!

There was so much holiday cheers with the music, cookies, and giveaways. A few my street team members came to give me a grand hello! It was great to see them!

I was so shocked to see they had bought ME gifts!! I couldn't believe it.

 Totally digging this glass! Of course I had to make a cocktail and post a pic! readers know me sooooo well. They all know I'm always cold and she MADE these for me! Can you believe it?
OH....I also got some goodie treats but they didn't make it long enough to get a picture. They were YUMMY!!!

Spread The Holiday Love

There is nothing I love more than to give, give, and give. Each year my family and I sponsor a family for Christmas. My guys love it and I hope I am teaching them some great morals not to mention the lesson of giving without expecting anything in return.

When I came across this video of WestJet Airlines and how they spread the holiday cheer~it warmed my heart to know that a major company is still in the spirit of giving.

Yes! I cried when I watched it. So go on....give!
It doesn't have to be a family or a big gift. Sometimes folks just need a smile, cup of coffee, or a hug.

Early Christmas Present

Life has been really good lately! First off. . .a year ago you know I went through a total kitchen remodel and it was BEAUTIFUL!
(This is me and oldest twin in our old kitchen) THEN... I was driving in one of my FIVE carpools to school and there was a house for sale. Yep, we bought it, moved, and a year later....another kitchen remodel!
(Hubby and son's friend in photo) As you can see, I went with a much lighter kitchen with stainless steel, butcher block and bamboo elements. It's totally gorg! I will show you a pic when it's all said and done.... BUT THAT IS NOW MY EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT! After three years of learning the in's and out's of self publishing, I decided it was time to do the HYBRID thing. What is that? Most of you readers don't know the term and probably don't care. Here is the deal. A hybrid author is someone who self publishes and traditionally publishes with a publisher. Yes. I am in Barnes and Noble because I made my own deal as a self publi…