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Name the next Charming book!

Yes! The next title is in your hands!

Here are the rules:

1) The title has to start with A CHARMING _________
The first book in the series is A CHARMING CRIME
The second book in the series is A CHARMING CURE

2) If you win, you have given me all rights to the name and in no way receive any royalties.

3) You get your name mentioned in the dedications at the beginning of the novel and a free autographed print copy.

4) The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

The contest will run from now until December 12th. Anyone can enter by leaving your entry in the comment section of this blog post. Please leave your name and email address in the post so I can reach you!

I'm so excited! Let the creative juices begin! Good luck!


  1. A Charming Pair (because the sisters have a big role) or a Charming Season (because it sounds cool)

    Melissa Street

  2. Awesome! Here are some random ones off the top of my head:

    A Charming Death
    A Charming Sister
    A Charming Mystery

    Andrea Buginsky

  3. A Charming Cause
    A Charming Catastrophe
    A Charming Creation/A Charming Creature
    A Charming Clue
    A Charming Surprise

    Anne Marie Stoddard

  4. Based on the excerpt that you posted on Facebook, my first thought was "A Charming Corpse". lol.

    Anne Marie Stoddard

  5. Oh....these are sooooooooooooooo good!!!

  6. **huge sigh** That pretty much covered all my I am in A Charming Quandry

    Hmmmm....How about A Charming Dilemma
    A Charming Case
    A Charming Curse

    Need more I can

  7. A charming masterpiece.
    A charming day
    A charming couple

  8. A Charming Chase
    A Charming Channeling
    A Charming Conspiracy
    A Charming Change
    Teri Filkins

  9. So many ideas taken, lol

    A Charming Debacle
    A Charming Farce
    A Charming Romance
    A Chaming Chase

    That's all for now!

  10. Thought of more:

    A Charming Scene
    A Charming Canvas
    A charming Collage
    A Charming Detective

    Need to go to work now

  11. I thought of these;

    A Charming Karma
    A Charming Destiny
    A Charming Chase
    A Charming Corner
    A Charming Certainty
    A Charming Clutch
    A Charming Character
    Charming Crisis

    Sharon Goodenough

  12. Since I see "a Charming Curse" is already mentioned twice, how about: A Charming Cadaver"

    Linda K

  13. A Charming Genius
    A Charming Potion
    A Charming Wish

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Tobi! <3
    tobihelton at gmail dot com

  14. How about:
    A Charming Calamity
    A Charming Chant
    A Charming Chaos
    A Charming Chance
    A Charming Challenge
    A Charming Chump

  15. These are really good!!!! Keep them coming!!

  16. A Charming Spirit
    A Charming Jinn

  17. These are from reader Liz Calafiore:
    A Charming Cable Car, A Charming Cab, A Charming Cad, A Charming Con

  18. A Charming Clairvoyant
    A Charming Spirit
    A Charming Ritual
    A Charming Revelation
    A Charming Sacrifice
    A Charming Conclusion
    A Charming Bliss

  19. A Charming Chase, A Charming Truce, A Charming Trade, A Charming Couple.

    Kelli Jo Calvert

  20. A Charming Colour, A Charming Channel, A Charming Celestial

  21. Darn so I can't see the fb excerpt so no inspiration there...but the one that popped in my head was
    A Charming Tail in honor of Mr. Prince Charming.

    risurocket @ yahoo . com

  22. I think you should do a holiday short called "A Charming Christmas" :)

  23. I say A Charming Corpse,
    A Charming Chant,
    A Charming Hex,
    A Charming Incantation,
    A Charming Time,
    A Charming Power,
    A Charming Trick,
    A Charming Bewitchment or enchantment..have all these been said already?

    Carrie Goodman

  24. A Charming Charmcat
    A Charming Character
    A Charming Charm
    A Charming Conundrum
    A Charming Chill
    A Charming Crime

  25. BettyLou forgot her email address: A Charming Charmcat
    A Charming Character
    A Charming Charm
    A Charming Conundrum
    A Charming Chill
    A Charming Crime


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