Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pay It Forward For The Holiday

A couple of years ago a friend of mine, Tisha, had emailed me about a project her daughter, Alyssa, had come up with all on her own. Alyssa had just gotten home from Cincinnati Children's Hospital where she had gotten stitches put in her chin. Keep in mind that Alyssa was six years old at the time.

Of course she was scared and nervous. Who wouldn't be? The hospital staff had given her a coloring book to help calm her nerves and to take her mind off what was about to take place.....the awful stitching!

It worked! Even though she was uncomfortable, her mind was preoccupied with coloring. She went home and asked her mom if they could collect books for the other kids at Children's Hospital that were much sicker than her. Alyssa knew that there couldn't possibly be enough coloring books to go around. In fact it was Christmas time and she didn't want any child to be in the hospital for Christmas, but if they did, she wanted them to get a present. And what better gift than a coloring book?

Alyssa's Coloring for a Cause was created!

The first year, 2009, Alyssa collected 40 coloring books that year.
In 2010, Alyssa collected 150!
In 2011, she collected 1,820 items which did include crayons.

Alyssa going door to door in our neighborhood putting up flyers for the cause!

This year Alyssa has set a goal to collect 1900. And I'm reaching out to ask you to help Alyssa make her goal!

Me with my dear friend Tisha and her daughter Alyssa at a book signing.

If children have to be in the hospital for Christmas, we can ban together and help them have a merry one!
If you mail a coloring book (or more if you want) to me before December 15th, I am going to enter your name in a hat and Alyssa is going to pull out a name on December 17th! The winner is going to win a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card (your choice!).  Or you can send me a paypal donation and I will personally go buy the coloring books for you and send you a receipt from your purchase so you can use it for taxes (click on my contact me page).

 Tonya Kappes
Po box 176488
Ft Mitchell , ky 41017 
You can go to the Dollar Tree or Dollar General and pick up a coloring book for $1!!

Please! Donate a coloring book today! Be sure to go and LIKE Alyssa's Coloring for a Cause Facebook page to see the progress.

Be sure to share this blog with family and friends! Your help is so much appreciated.


  1. Hi, Tonya:

    Such a sweet girl and a wonderful idea!! Coloring books are on the way!!!

  2. How amazing! I just stumbled and tweeted this! I will send a coloring book too :)

  3. Tonya, be on the lookout for a package coming your way....only wish I could do more...

    Merry Christmas!!