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Things to Avoid When Marketing Your Book

Last week I had a very successful marketing strategy that was put together by the GREAT EIGHT. I was lucky enough to be apart of the group and what we did worked! But will it work next time?

I have an amazing STREET TEAM. I had an amazing online book release party in June. I have another one planned for September 25th that is slightly different, but will it be as successful?

My books are priced on a range from .99-2.99. Is that working?

Here's the deal, your marketing plan needs to be fluid and always changing. In my non-fiction book, The Tricked Out Toolbox~promotional and marketing tools every writer needs, has an entire section on budgeting and marketing plans along with printable worksheets so I won't go into it here. BUT I'm am going to give you some tips to avoid when marketing your book.


Over the past couple months I have noticed a lot of authors start a STREET TEAM, even asked me to join theirs. Which I love joining, but I don't want anyone to think that because I have one that's very active means that you will have one that is very active.

I'm very social, so having a very social STREET TEAM is easy for me. Being on line with them a few times a day is easy for me. So you need to find that uniqueness of YOU and spin it to reach that target reader.

I don't just mean the STREET TEAM. I mean everything from ads to pricing your novel. What works for JK Rowling doesn't work for me. What works for Stephen King might not work for you. You make you unique and stand out!


I've heard so many times that authors are out there giving their opinion on traditional publishing vs self publishing, why .99 is the only way to price your novels, KDP is the only way to go. . .etc. . .
These authors that have such strong opinions get a bad rap. They really do! And it doesn't help sell their novels.

I know that I won't ever read certain authors because they have voiced their opinion on this years election in the United States. I have seen authors post so many posts about who their favorite candidate is and posting some really nasty negative things. As an author, I don't believe in pushing my values on any of my readers! It completely turns me off and turns off their readers.

All in all, the writing community is very small and you can ruin your reputation in one fall swoop. Be nice. And pay it forward!


I'm all for making money on my books. But I'm not all for losing readers by pushing my books.
Definitely connect with readers! Connect with them when your book comes out. Yes! I want you to let them know that your book released. . .but don't do it a month later and everyday after that.

After your email blast that you have a new novel out, don't keep emailing blasting.


Just like a muse, your gut tells you exactly what you should be and shouldn't be doing. It's easy to blast out at other authors or readers that upset you. OR readers that email you to let you know that there is a mistake in your book OR when a negative review is written on Amazon etc....

Let that stuff pass. Like I said, the writing community is very small. You don't want that snarky reputation like some authors have. It's a turn off to everyone!


How many times have we heard this?

Well, I don't mean in your writing, I mean in your interaction with your readers and your peers. Show them that you are a gracious author. You appreciate them. It doesn't have to be with money. You can put quotes in your twitter feed or update your Facebook status with gratitude quotes.

REMEMBER, the reader wants to get to know you! And the more they invest in YOU, they will buy your books no matter what!


  1. Amen. I always welcome new authors to like me on Twitter/FB/GR/ and so on. But the moment I see political or marriage rights issues appearing in my timeline...out the door they go. That is NOT why I am here.

    Thanks for a great post!

    1. I agree Thomas. I have seen other authors have personal pages and author pages where they do their personal feelings on their personal page. There is a time and place for everything....readers don't care about your political views.

  2. As usual, a wonderful advisory for ALL authors, not just we newbies .. LUV IT ! Thanks Tonya .. ;;

  3. I love reading your posts, Tonya. You always motivate me!

    1. Great, Tiffany. I hope that I can help someone with moving forward in their career.

  4. Don't assume what worked for me will work for you. Great advice. And spot on.

    1. Hi, Denise! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Tonya, African-American authors have a very different viewpoint on the political issue. From the biggest names, like Eric Jerome Dickey, down to the newbies, we feel it is our duty to use whatever platform we have to speak out. Some things are more important to us than selling books.

    1. WOW! I didn't realize this was a post on racial issues, because I apologize if you took it that way. I do feel like, as an American, to have a personal view on religion and politics, but not in a career move.
      I agree that it's very important to support your candidate, but not on an author page. I'm not sure if you are posting political ads because I haven't looked, but I know you are way to classy to bash anyone:)
      As a reader myself, I do not want my favorite authors to post or push their religious or political beliefs on me. I have had several of my own readers thank me for NOT posting ads and that they have unfriended or unfollowed authors that are doing this. I understand that personally it's more important than selling books. BUT I still have to pay my bills and my readers do matter to me.
      Come November, in the US, I'm still going to be writing books, selling books, and hanging out with my readers no matter who wins.
      It's just best to keep the two separate. Again...this blog is only my opinion and every post is things that have worked for me. Just like I stated above, just because it works for me, doesn't mean it's going to work for you.

  6. Wise advice, Tonya...thank you for another great post.

    ~Nancy Jill

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I bet you have a few things to add!

  7. Thanks for the post. I'm with you being gracious is so important and sometimes hard because of the public nature of our profession. I like to be gracious to my readers and bloggers just because I genuinely appreciate them!

    1. That's a wonderful way to put it, Angela.

  8. Great advice Tonya. I'm NOT a social animal - and I find that really shoots my marketing attempts in the foot. Deep down inside of me there's this freaky little hermit-toad that just wants to say "Buy my book and leave me get back to writing the next!"

    Fortunately, toads are eminently squashable!

    1. Oh, Steve! With the internet you have the marketing world at your hands. Your introverted personality will shine through. I hope you have read my past post about PR PERSONALITY and learn some great tips!

  9. Great advice, Tonya.

    I really enjoy your blogs even though I don't always comment.

  10. Another great post of things to keep in mind. I do not like political postings at all and steer clear of liking/commenting on that or any other controversial subject. But I am spiritual and like/share some posts some might think are religious. I think they're positive,inspiring things for me on my personal page,but going to be thinking about this blog the next time :) I think sharing a friend's novel or 2 in my feed is okay,but I've pulled back from doing it so much because it starts to look like you're spamming.If I don't like it,I am sure my friends or fans following me don't either.


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