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Content Tweet VS Spam Tweet

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about spam tweeting and how people need to stop or they are bad. Regardless of your feelings, spam and content tweeting have a place in the twittersphere.

In fact, most of us are on tweet teams or Triberr to help promote each other. And most of those tweets are what we would consider spam. You do it. I do it. Do we mean to spam people? No! It is a marketing tool. A marketing tool that works GREAT!

BUT. . . you also have to have content tweets.

If you don't, you will lose follwers. Followers that actually get on twitter to find things, to connect, to find an author!

Do you know the difference between a spam tweet and content tweet?

EASY: a content tweet does NOT have a link. read that right. NO LINK!

"But Tonya, how are they going to find my website? How are they going to find my book?"

I know. . .I know. . .we have been so conditioned to use twitter as a middle man to get our name out there. In doing so, have you lost followers?

Content tweeting doesn't mean that you have to be there in person either, although I highly recommend that you get on twitter and physically interact with your followers.

Content tweeting should interest anyone that follows you or your core group of tweeps that interact with you.

A few examples:

Support #indieauthors Great novels at great prices
A wastebasket is the #writers best friend #amwriting #amediting
One random act of kindness is all it takes.....make today the day and #PayItForward!

OR interact with them and expect a tweeterastion (live tweet conversation):

Good morning. What are you doing today? #amwriting #indieauthor

You get the idea? Yes, you do.

You don't have to limit it to writing. You can tweet book quotes, inspiration etc....

The KEY is to interact with your followers, NOT spam them.

Like I said, spam does have a place in the twittersphere and it does work to find new readers. I have found hundreds of readers through attaching reviews to my tweets. BUT you have to interact. Just because you don't put a link in the content tweet does NOT mean you still can't promote your book.

"Wait! What? Tonya, you just said not to spam, which you meant promote your book...NOW you are confusing me!"

I'm sorry. I'm not trying to confuse here. Here is an example of what I mean....
Hanging out with June Heal, #cozymystery #psychic "A Charming Crime" #mustread #bestseller


#ACHARMINGCRIME a @tonyakappes11 #mustread Fun, mystery, and humor all in one!

Remember to keep all your tweets in the 120 character guideline, g-rated, and free from political views.
Go ahead and try to make a few content tweets and see how many responses you get. I'm sure you are going to be surprised with how many true connections you make.

The more connections you make, the more THEY will promote you and your books! Go on! Try it!!


  1. Tonya, you also forgot to mention that authors also shouldn't just link their Twitter page to reproduce what's on their Facebook page - that's another quick way to lose followers. Why should I follow you on Twitter when I get the same updates on FB? If you don't want to participate on both then don't.

    1. Great point, Mary!! I didn't even think about tying the two in this post.

  2. Good post, I have to get back into Twitter mode. Got tied up with Camp NaNoWriMo and dropped all social media (other than Triberr). Now time to spend a dedicated time daily to Twitter. Thanks Tonya!

    1. I hear you Donna! I love Triberr! Oh, I hope you did great at Camp Nano! I can't wait until November. I have soooo much writing to do!

    2. I was a winner, wrote 53k by the end of the month. Still got another 10k or so to go to finish the book. Not sure I can do November, trying to get this book edited and up on Amazon by the end of November. If only I didn't have a 'real life'. LOL!

  3. Tonya, you offered some interesting points. If I ever get back on Twitter after being hacked from there I'll remember not to hook FB to Twitter.

    1. Sandy, that is such a shame:( I just think that FB and Twitter have two different jobs as an author.

  4. More excellent advice. I learn so much from you. :) I admit I am such a twitter novice, partly because I don't have a data plan on my phone (that's changing in December when I get the coveted Galaxy S3 come heck or high water). I am still learning how to write effective tweets. With your advice, I'll get there. Oh, and I love that you said to keep your posts free from political views. That was a big part of what I blogged about today as a rule of writing. :)

    1. Oh, Donya, my son has the Galaxy and LOVES it! Tweeting can be so intimidating to learn. sigh. . .

  5. I have to disagree on this one. To me, content tweets are anything that I (as a viewer/reader) would find useful or interesting. Spam is something I don't care about about tweeted to me for the sole purpose of getting me to buy something.

    A link to a great blog post is a content tweet. A statement about your book with no link is spam. What matters more is what's tweeted, not the form the tweet takes.

    Content: Three tips on making your scenes sing -link-

    Spam: John is an ex-Navy seal who's caught between love and duty in MY BOOK IS GOOD SO READ IT.

    I'll click on the link to learn more information on scenes, but I'll ignore an author telling me some random fact or pitch about his book.

    If I like the scene tips post, I'll RT it or start following that blog and might even contact that blogger or look up any books they write if I'm really interested. Not so for the other.

    1. Hey, Janice! Hahaa! I love your spam example. I agree that is spam and I agree that great articles have to have a link as well. But going by industry rules, which I HATE industry rules, and Twitter regulations in the by-laws state that anything with a direct link, they consider spam. I know. . .eye rolling really.
      I think there can be a great balance between the two, which is what I try to do. BUT without a link, you wouldn't have found me:)) So glad you are here!

    2. The rules say a link is spam? Wow, I did not know that. Silly rule. So many useful and helpful (and wanted) things have links.

      And exactly! I found you through a Twitter link and now I'm a regular reader and tweeter. Glad I did. You always have great topics and articles.


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