Friday, July 27, 2012

Tips To Make Your Guest Blog Shine

"I'm going to make this post ROCK!"
"I'm going to be the best guest blogger this blog has ever seen!"

When you guest blog, you want to HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK!
Here are some tips to help reach that AMAZING status:

Know the blog's audience. I hope that you have been following the blog you want to guest on. If not, see my etiquette blog. 
If the blog is geared toward readers, make sure that you write your post that will interest readers. If you guest blog and your post has NO interest to the reader, you will have an EPIC FAIL. 

You always want to add a little personality to your blog. There is nothing more boring than going to my favorite blogs and read a guest blog that reads blah, blah, blah to me. A little personality goes a long way. The more personable you are, the more the audience is going to follow you other place. 

...which brings me to...

3) WIIFM (what's in it for me)
We guest blog because we want to connect to readers in one way or another. I do it! When I guest blog on reader centric blogs, I'm aiming for at least ONE new reader to like me, follow me, and eventually by my novels. AND don't just ask what's in it for me, ask what's in it for the reader. They want to walk away from your blog with something....
When guesting, be sure that you answer the WIIFM. 

With time, effort, and a lot of consideration on what you want out of your guest blog posts, you will SHINE!

Do you have some more tips and tricks to share with our fellow writers??


  1. Hi Tonya,
    Thanks again for yet another timely blog. As you know, my debut novel, "A Priate's Ransom" will be coming out in August. I am scheduling a blog tour now and some of my hosts have already sent me questions. In answering, I can only tell you that I try to "be myself" so that the readers get to know me and my personality. I was once told that people like to work with people they like, and I think that holds true in all things. I want my readers to like me, and even more than that, I want them to love my books. Thanks again for this valuable info. I will put it to GOOD use.

  2. Tanya,

    I seldom promote my books, usually only when they first come out. I do help other authors with interviews on my blog, but most of the time I write about topics I'm interested in. I'm very electic in my interests, and you'll never know what I'm going to write about.

    One thing I know is that my readers are animal lovers, and so am I. Smile! I think the more you vary your blog topics the more followers you'll gain.