Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tips On Getting a Guest Blog Gig

For the next couple of blog days, we are going to talk about guest blogging. It's something we all have to do whether we want to or not. But we need to in order to help connect with our target audience.

There are so many blogs out there, and so many blogs that we follow that have the target audience we'd LOVE to have. The only way we can get the collective audience to notice us is through being a guest blogger.

Here are some tips on how to effectively land that guest post gig!

1) Visit the blog regularly.
I really can't stress this enough. When I say visit the blog regularly, I mean participate too! Bloggers are more than likely to happily host someone who has been supporting their blog and doing so means that you need to comment.

2) Write an email.
You obviously need to contact the blog owner. Be sure to have the email going to the right person. Address the person by their full name.
Include the following items in your email~
* Tell the blog owner why you like their blog.
* Tell them you would love to pitch a guest post along with why you think you would benefit their readers.
* Introduce your blog idea/ideas
* Include a brief bio

3) Attach an example of a guest blog.
* Make sure you check the guest post guidelines.
* In the guest blog be sure it's targeted toward the target audience of the blog you are proposing.
* In your guest post, link to a few of your posts on your blog. This helps the reader find YOUR blog quickly.
* Include a brief bio at the end.
* Include a photo.
* Include links where they can find you.
* YOU do all the work. Don't make the blog owner do anything!

Follow the above guidelines and there is NO way a blog owner can say no. Do you homework and do it right!

What do you do to get a guest spot on your favorite blogs??

Monday we are going to have tips on how to make your blog stand out and shine!


  1. Good article, Tonya. Love your book covers, as well. They're very whimsical.

    1. Thank you so much!! I did get blessed by the cover fairy!

  2. You are so amazing, Tonya THANKS!!

  3. Thanks for the info! Good points.

  4. Thanks for sharing these tips. I've been gearing up for this kind of thing with my book marketing.


    1. Good luck, crystallee. Let me know how it goes!

  5. Thanks for the advice! I've been wondering how to go about setting up guest posts and blog tours for when I'm done with my WIP.


    1. Be sure you are visiting those sites and participating.