Welcome to Hill's Orchard in Honey Springs

Hill's Orchard
Hello! Welcome to Hill's Orchard. I'm Jean Hill.
I hear y'all might be stopping by today. I'm busy getting ready for the hayrides for the Neewollah Festival. I'll be starting at the Cocoon Inn and using my horse drawn hay wagon to drive back here for the pumpkin patch.
Didn't you just love Roxy Bloom? If it weren't for her, I'm not sure the law would've figured out who killed my husband. Oh dear, I've said too much....
Why don't you gander on over to the pumpkin and get your photo taken?
(If you want your photo in the pumpkin, send Tonya Kappes a photo at She'll have your pumpkin to you right away to use on social media!)
I'll just run inside and grab a snack for you! We back shortly.
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