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Tuesday Coffee with Tonya and Amazon Giveaway

Happy Tuesday!!!
Over the weekend, I hosted a Father's Day brunch with chicken and waffles. . .that brought the boys home! Let me tell you. It was great. Eddy had a wonderful time. We also got to spend time with my dad and his dad that day, so it was a great day.

Y'all are so awesome! Thank you for all the emails asking about Scooter. We had a Dr. appointment last week to follow up on the bladder and liver infection along with his eye check up. His liver and bladder are no longer infected, so we are happy with that. Unfortunately, there was a smidgen of hope he'd gain a little sight in his right eye, but it doesn't appear that's going to be in the plan anymore. He's such a sweetie. He's still having a bit of trouble finding his way around the house, but he's getting better everyday. Plus, there's lots of treats involved which makes me happy because he did gain ONE POUND!!!! YAY!!!!! He's down about six though. His diabetes is within normal rang…

Tuesday Coffee With Tonya and Weekly Giveaway

Family and the importance of family has always been the center of my books. I'm sure many of you have heard, write what you know. Well...I know that I love family (my husband, my kiddos, and my parents) so much that I try really hard for that to show through my work. It's the only way I know to give them a tribute on how much I do love.

I'd like to wish all the fathers and the men in our lives that play a big part in shaping who we are.

Below is an amazing recipe you can make for that special male figure that will tickle their tummy to death! My country sausage gravy never disappoints and I'll be making it on Father's Day.

Have a wonderful week!

This week I'm going to be hanging out on two separate blogs. For those of you not on Facebook, here's your chance to enter to  win a fun giveaway!

Tomorrow, June 13th, I'm hanging out on my blog KILLER CHARACTERS. You can click here to go there in the morning and enter to win.

On Friday, I'm hang…
Good morning!
I hope that y'all've gotten a chance to read Beaches, Bungalows & Burglaries. I've been spending all my time in Normal, Kentucky and I've completely fallen in love with these characters! I can see many, many more books in this series beyond the five I've already planned. 
Now that Eddy and I are empty nesting, we are really finding new things we enjoy to do together. I'm not sure if y'all remember that we bought me a bike last year. Eddy likes to ride bikes, leisurely, and I've been giving it a try. We did a twelve mile bike ride on Saturday morning...of course we had to stop by the Coffee Shop on the way home. Hahhahhaa!!!
Scooter & Charlie update: Scooter's liver and bladder infections have all cleared up. I'm so grateful for that. He's learning his way around the house since he's become blind. I had to realize that I had to just let him do it and not pick him up to go to every room. Each day he's getting bet…