Friday, June 22, 2018

Tuesday Coffee with Tonya and Amazon Giveaway

Happy Tuesday!!!
Over the weekend, I hosted a Father's Day brunch with chicken and waffles. . .that brought the boys home! Let me tell you. It was great. Eddy had a wonderful time. We also got to spend time with my dad and his dad that day, so it was a great day.

Y'all are so awesome! Thank you for all the emails asking about Scooter. We had a Dr. appointment last week to follow up on the bladder and liver infection along with his eye check up. His liver and bladder are no longer infected, so we are happy with that. Unfortunately, there was a smidgen of hope he'd gain a little sight in his right eye, but it doesn't appear that's going to be in the plan anymore. He's such a sweetie. He's still having a bit of trouble finding his way around the house, but he's getting better everyday. Plus, there's lots of treats involved which makes me happy because he did gain ONE POUND!!!! YAY!!!!! He's down about six though. His diabetes is within normal range, so I think we've got that under control. Fingers crossed!

I'm happy to report the results of last week's question about whether you'd like weekly or monthly. I was shocked that 90% of you like weekly. I'm truly honored that y'all love to hear about our crazy weeks and that the newsletter isn't just about writing. I love all of your emails and I read them all. Writing is a very lonely career, so when I sit down to write this, I truly feel as if you're sitting right here at my kitchen table having a cup off coffee with me.

Have a wonderful week!

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Welcome to Normal, Kentucky, where nothin' is normal! 

Mae West is getting settled into the RV lifestyle as the owner of a campground in Normal, Kentucky. Happy Trails Campground, located in Daniel Boone National Park, has started to attract late summer vacationing families who love to hike, swim, fish, and enjoy being outdoors.

Betts Hager, owner of several small businesses, is swamped with work and desperate for help with her cleaning business. Mae offers her services, happy about the prospect of a little extra cash. Heiress Tammy Jo Bentley’s mansion is the first one on her schedule.

Mae makes sure Tammy Jo’s house is spotless because the Kentucky Kennel Association's annual meeting is going to be held at the mansion. Fifi, Tammy Jo’s high pedigree, insured poodle, is going to be on display and Tammy Jo will be evaluating potential suitors to sire Fifi's offspring.

Before the annual meeting, Camille Braun, Fifi’s nanny, is stabbed to death. Everyone knows that Camille would put her life on the line *or* lay down her life for Fifi and, apparently, she did.

Mae tries her best to stay out of it. Tammy Jo begs Mae to help her; after all, she did find the last killer in Normal. Plus, it's not good for business - or Normal's revived economy - when a murderer is on the loose.

Mae has grown to love her RV community and now that she's found a place to call him, she's not going to let anybody ruin it. Mae throws all of her heart and amateur sleuthing skills into bringing the real killer to justice.

Reader of the week:
"I read Tonya Kappes books because of the characters, each book you get to know them a little better. The feeling of community comes through."


We are continuing our fun theme week! Last week's camping theme was so much fun. This week we're hanging out at the carnival! There's a ton of fun stuff going on over there and a weekly themed giveaway starting today!

Be sure you scroll down to enter to win the gift card and see all the book sales and upcoming releases! xoxoxo


I'm hanging out at Kings River Life Magazine this month! A copy of Dead As A Doornail is up for grabs if you leave a comment there. Click here to head on over to the blog.

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