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Tuesday Morning Coffee with Tonya and Weekly Giveaway

Geez louise! Eddy has always got to be doing something! He is an electrician and very handy all around. He can build anything, including an entire house. There's a problem with this...he's a perfectionist.

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NO JOKE! If you were to knock a hole in one of our walls, the wires all are nice and neat, clipped together with zip ties. It's gorgeous!

Here's the issue...there's always a project going on in our house. We moved into our house about six years ago when all four of my boys were in sports and high school. I was driving six different car pools. When I was driving car pool to lacrosse at the high school, I noticed there was a house that went up for sale a street over. There's amazing lakes and fishing along with about an acre of land! Granted, the house wasn't my dream home, but duh! I've got Eddy!

This got me out o…

Tuesday Coffee With Tonya and Giveaway!

It's Valentine's week!!! Seriously...why am I so excited??? Because this year Eddy and I will be traveling to watch NKU (Jack) Norse play Wright State. It's only about an hour north of Cincinnati in Dayton, but we are going to go up early and have a nice little dinner and then go watch the boy do his thing! That alone just warms my heart.

Now...can you guess what this is?? It's a big old bad delicious deep friend MOON PIE!!!!!!


My oh my! They sale these at the NKU Norse Basketball games....bad Tonya. BUT I had to try one. One is banana and one is chocolate. It's smack YOUR mama's mouth good. No joke. I didn't eat a whole one, I just gave them both pretty big bites....maybe two...really big bites.


I just love this photos on so many levels! Joanne Kocourek has been a loyal reader for years and I just adore her! Look at her puppy!!!! OMG...without her being a reader, that puppy is enough!
Thank you Joanne!! xoxoxo