Thursday, April 20, 2017

In Honor Of April

This week in baking class we had to bring a baked cake because we were going to work on icing and decorating using some of the methods we've learned.

The cake part is good for me. I can bake. It's the decorating and the knowledge that I need for research. If you don't know what research, I'm taking this baking class because I signed a new contract with Crooked Lane Publishing on the Southern Baking Mystery Series debuting in 2018.

I can bake and cook, but I don't know much about least not a few weeks ago.

I was amazed at the technique my teacher taught me on how to make the icing very smooth. Bounty paper towels and Viva. read that right! Once I got the icing on and around the cake using the rocking method with the spatula, you lay a Bounty paper towel on the iced cake and use a spatula to scrap over the paper towel. You pick the paper towel up and do it all over the cake and the sides. It makes the cake even but not without the Bounty paper towel impression. This is where the Viva comes in. You do the same technique with the Viva and it smooths out the Bounty impression...seriously cool. Seriously!!

Then the decoration. She had me pick out a picture. I picked a giraffe in honor of April and traced the outline with clear gel on a piece of parchment paper. I transferred the outline on the cake and that's how I could outline the giraffe in the yellow icing.

Now...I was supposed to do the star pattern in the middle of the giraffe like you'd see on a baby cake, but it didn't turn out that way so I used a paint brush instead.

I took it home. The decorating might not be perfect, but Brady ate it up!

Any baking tips you want to give me?

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  1. Your giraffe is adorable. You seem to be doing well with your cake decorating class. Keep on icing and decorating but don't let it interfere with your wonderful books.

  2. Cute giraffe! My sister in law does some cake decorating, I find it fascinating watching her...well, I used to she's a bit far away to watch now. She used to run the icing spatula under hot water to spread the icing evenly, it would give it a smooth finish.

  3. Love the giraffe. We watched the little guy come into the world it was cool. My aunt used to decorate cakes she used the paper towels method too. I made a Barney cake years ago and that was the hardest thing ever. Way too many stars to cover the cake. Last big cake I made was Texas. Yes I cut out the state of Texas for our sons 5th grade state project. We frosted it and then put a star for the capital and candy for the other major cities.

  4. We love decorating and baking cakes, we still have to work on the icing, but we have using fondant down. We even made our youngest daughters wedding cake this past October. It is a lot of work but fun most of the time.

  5. cool. my mom used to do cake decorating on the side.