Friday, April 21, 2017

Do you know who Dave Ramsey is? He's a financial guru who believes in being debt free.

In 2003, I went to one of his conferences and went through Financial Peace University. Since then, I've lived debt free except for my house mortgage, but not much left on that, so it's exciting!

When I first met Dave, his daughter, Rachel Cruz, was a teenager. Since then, she's started to work for him and travel around the US doing a Marriage and Money conference. She was coming to my church. There were only 2k tickets and I got a couple immediately. The place sold out.

Since I've loved Dave Ramsey, I wanted to go see his daughter even though I'd already done the program she was teaching. I ended up buying her book because I just think she's the cutest. 

So I'm reading her book, Love Your Life Not Theirs. 

What are you reading?


  1. I used to listen to him on the radio all the time, I don't know if he is still on now. I liked that when he spoke you understood what he was talking about, he doesn't speak over you head. I bought his cd's of financial peace university. Now trying to get hubby and I together at the same time to watch it.
    Right now I am still reading and finishing up both Edited Out by E.J. Copperman and Kathi Daley's Treasure in Paradise. Hoping to finish both today...anything to avoid cleaning the bathroom, LOL.

    1. OH! You're reading some great things. I do agree about Dave. I completely understand him and we love it.