It's been eight months that I have been a full time writer! I really can't believe it. It was been a dream come true. It has made me realize life is too short to not go for your dreams!


Gosh! I'm so honored to find out A GHOSTLY UNDERTAKING took home the top prize in the Contemporary and Urban Fantasy Category in the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent Book Awards!

This is the third year one of my novels has been nominated and WON! 
In 2012, Carpe Bead 'em took home first in the Chicklit Category.

In 2013, A CHARMING CRIME took home first place in the Contemporary Urban Fantasy Category!

I'm thrilled to see everyone who had to opportunity to read A GHOSTLY UNDERTAKING really likes it! As you know, the Ghostly Southern Mystery Series, A GHOSTLY UNDERTAKING first in the series was bought by HARPERCOLLINS and being republished/repackaged for a release on February 25th! 

Be sure to preorder your copy today and see why Emma Lee and the gang took home the top prize!!


Tonight I'm going to be doing something totally out of my norm! I'm going to go Gallery To Go Art Party, one of those paint and wine places with my mom and sister.

Here's the thing. . .
I NEVER COLORED WITHIN THE LINES when I was in school, much less in life! So I'm a bit nervous about trying to paint a picture.

We are supposed to paint this one ----------->
At least I LOVE lemonade! I'll let you know how it goes!

Have you ever been to one of these gallery parties?

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I adore this cover! I love how Willie Ray Bowman is sitting on the brick wall with a bundle of black eyed susan, which are one of my favorite flowers, and Henrietta next to him. PLUS Laurel London's car and her resting against it with a gun in her hand. PRICELESS!!

You can jump on over and preorder your copy today! HERE 

Laurel London is one tough cookie. . . 

Convict Willie Ray Bowman escapes from prison just days away from his date with "Old Sparky" the Kentucky state federal prison electric chair. Laurel hasn't seen Willie Ray since the day he left her picking up the pieces of her broken heart in Walnut Grove, Kentucky. 
Can Laurel put her bitter, angry, feelings aside and help Willie Ray prove his innocence before the FBI find him?

Isn't she a lot of fun? I'm having a great time writing about her!! 


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Pin IT!

OMG....Whenever I take a ten minute break from writing, I hop on PINTEREST! Then my ten minutes turns into TWENTY! Pinterest is addicting. . .but in a fun way!
I use it for each book, kind of like a book bible.
A book bible is a document my editors put together for my series where all the characters in the series are listed, their features, occupations, town stores, everything you would need to know about the series. Book bibles are great because I don't have to go searching for the names of places when I'm writing the next novel in the series.

Pinterest has become a visual book bible for me. I love pinning pictures of people who remind me of my characters and visuals of my small towns. I have found Pinterest has fed my muse and inspired me to dive deeper into descriptions.

It's also a great way to connect with readers! I just started a board where my readers can pin a picture of them with my book straight to the board. It's so much fun! AND a great way to connect! PLUS, I love getting my morning coffee memes from there too!

Have you used their new message feature? FUN! I have gotten several messages from reader with fun witchy pins and coffee pins! LOVE that!!!

How do you use Pinterest? Do you have any pictures of you with one of my novels? Let me know and I'll add you to the board!

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Okay...I'm far from a bad mom. In fact, my entire world revolves around my children and always has, even my career. I started out as a teacher and when I had kids I became an administrator of the preschool they went to so I could be with them all day. As they got older and into elementary school, I went back to get my Masters degree and became a Child Developmental Therapist so I could work around the elementary school schedule. THEN...years later....I became a writer! I love it so much, I made it my full time job.

I'm home all day long doing what I love. Taking care of my guys, my fur babies, tending house, being a wife, friend, sister, daughter etc..... AND WRITE!
I'm beyond thrilled when summer comes, but after a few months of running the guys around, having a million teenage boys in the house and a food bill that is NOT of normal stature, I'm ready. I'm ready for them to go back to school so I can claim my writing routine.
Down six months I'll be saying that I can't wait to have them home for summer. . .Oh well!


I'm so excited to announce for the FIRST TIME EVER:

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Road Trippin'

Today I was taking my momma on an adventure! She's going to be traveling around with me a few times a year to different authorly things.

We were heading to Charlotte, North Carolina. I've never been to Charlotte and I was looking forward to attending Authors After Dark for the first time.

There will be a fun Reader's Mad Tea Party I hope a bunch of readers attend on Saturday night!

My car was packed and I was ready to roll....when my sweet Charlie developed Congestive Heart Failure. We woke up and he was coughing. Three weeks ago I had gotten the news he would be developing the disease within three months....not three weeks.
This picture was taken two days ago. Charlie is on the left. He is a sweet soul and I knew we had to get to the doctor. Through a slew of wonderful happenings, yesterday Charlie was put into a CHF study with a renowned Cardiologist. The study is very involved on my end and the clinics. The first seven days are critical to the study.  I have to keep his breathing stats, give him ten pills a day where I have to track those, take phone calls from the clinic, and take Charlie every few days so they can check his blood pressures, EKG, X-rays and more. You should see the big ole school binder they gave me with at least one hundred pages!

I'm so thrilled he is able to get in with this group of amazing doctors. They did ask me to change my plans to go out of town. . .So I guess Charlotte wasn't meant to be for me and momma.

For now, I will rest with Charlie and get words on a page while he recovers from our first hurdle of his disease.

Have you ever had to cancel a trip for a pet????

I'm giving away a print copy of CHECKERED CRIME to one lucky comment!!! I will pick a winner next Thursday!

I'm baaaaaack!!!

After taking off a good year, minus a few posts here and there, I've decided to come back to update the blog a few times a week!
I'm beyond thrilled with the new cover of A GHOSTLY UNDERTAKING. I'm not going to lie. . .I'm a bit of a cover snob, so when HarperCollins bought my Ghostly Southern Mystery Series, I had to make sure I had cover consultation. It was so important to me.
Since we couldn't use the original cover, I really do think they nailed it! Plus I'm over the moon excited about A GHOSTLY GRAVE and it's cover too!

 Be sure to hope on over to any online retailer to reserve your copy today!

A Ghostly Undertaking
Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Books A Million ~ Indiebound ~ Joseph Beth Bookseller


Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ Books A Million ~ Indiebound ~ Joseph Beth Booksellers

Do you judge a book by the cover??

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