Thursday, January 16, 2014


 This owl mug is so darn cute! I received it from a reader turned friend for Christmas! It's perfect for my daily afternoon cup from my Keurig!

 Hello!!! Can you say DELISH!? These chocolate knee length boots are from the Beach Peach Boutique line named after my series A Magical Cures Mystery Series! I adore the zipper in the back and awesome buckle on the side! Did you see that plaid on the inside? It helps keep your tootsie warm! These are the Mr. Prince Charming boots!!

Order yours today!!!!!

The last thing I'm lovin' this Thursday is my NARS lipstick in FIRE DOWN BELOW! I love NARS because it keeps my lips moist and I'm rarely without my lipstick. But this red is awesome! Some reds are too orange for me...not this one! It rocks!!

What are you lovin' this Thursday? Be sure to tell me in the comments in case I decide to pick up something you are lovin'! If I pick something from your lovin' win a prize!!!


  1. well, it's not still Thursday, but I want to tell you I love the owl mug! And both my daughter and granddaughter would mug you for it. :)

    guess I was lovin' the fact I got to go have lunch with a few ladies from church Thursday. we've been at the church about 8 months now, and these two particular women have taken me into the group of various 6 - 10 who have lunch often. and I'm lovin' it that my hubby (who usually comes home to have lunch) encourages me to go.

    BTW, I also like those boots. wish I could wear boots, but between a wide foot and large calves, I've not found a pair I could get on or wear comfortably.

  2. ok, i have a boot fetish, not a shoe fetish a boot one!!!!!!! lol ask my moma or chdilren .

  3. o but i have fat calfs, so i have to get short boots :(

  4. love books. feathers for my hair. fuzzy boggins :) to answer the question . lol

  5. I love plants and have been trying to get a Shasta Daisy plant, especially a double one. For some reason the local plant nurseries just don't seem to have them. I would even be delighted to get a package of their seeds.


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