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Stay at Home Mom on READER MONDAY!

Happy FIRST READER MONDAY of March!! I'm excited to have Jaime Smith here today! She's is an avid reader and an amazing Goodreads player! She is awesome at promoting her favorite authors. Jaime is here to talk about how a stay at home mom can sneak in a little reading time with a couple little ones around the house. IT'S NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS!

So you would think being a stay at home mom would be a readers dream.

But not always the case! I am a stay at home mom to two little girls aged 1 & 4. I get up to to feed two little girls breakfast and find something for them to do that is entertaining. I pick up my book then and start to read. Ten minutes into the book there is the 4 year old yelling from the potty to come help her. After that is typically the demand to watch a movie. 

Great you think! 

Pop in the movie go back to book then baby comes wanting to crawl all over you and play. Ok that is always fun anyways. So before you know it it's lunch time and you make them & yourself lunch. Of course you got to feed the littler one in between your own bites. After lunch they start to get sleepy. 

YES! Just what you needed for a reading break. 

So you lay them down and once more dive into your book till the four year old eyeing you looks really sad and says, mommy read to me one of my books. So you go and grab a pile because after all my 4 year old can enjoy story time for an hour easily. All though I'm bummed about not getting to read my book, I'm over the moon that my little girl is following my footsteps in love of books! Also reading children books to your children is really such a precious thing that I secretly really enjoy. So the little ones then fall asleep on me finally during story time. 

I don't dare move them in fear of waking up. I can read now I think except my book it just a little bit out of hands reach now with two children sleeping on me. After about a hour and half the angels wake and are up and playing.

I usually can get in 30 minutes to an hour here. Then it's snack time & more entertaining them. Before you know it it's evening and the hubby is on his way home! THANK GOD! 

I'm one very lucky girl to have a great husband who knows how important reading is to me so when he get's home he takes over the kids duty and I get to read a good hour to two before supper! Then we work on putting the kids to sleep and having some alone time for just the two of us. Then it's off to bed where I presume will be major reading time now, only I'm so tired that I literally fall asleep with a book on my face. 

To add to this all I have extreme health issues with my heart so that makes everything twice as hard and causes me to be tired often. So basically my main serious reading time is the weekends when husband is home from work. 

I love reading so much and leaving reviews to help authors and other readers but I never can seem to keep up with the piles and piles of books but you know what I DON'T MIND! That is what it is to be a reader who is in love with books! Besides it's only 4 1/2 more years before both kids are in school and then I know I will have more reading time! 

Also as my girl's get older I hope that they will also continue their love of books and we will all be curled up on the sofa reading together! Family is all about love as well as books. You got to really appreciate both and how they can come in hand if your willing to make it all work.

WOW! Jaime! You are a busy gal during they day. And I thought I was busy with three teenagers running around! Jaime is very talented! She didn't mention she makes amazing book marks! I'm sure she's taking orders! Just leave a comment to win a copy of my novel, STRUNG OUT TO DIE and one of Jaime's cool bookmarks!
(I will post the winner on Friday and you have one week to come back to claim your prize!)


  1. That's great.sometimes we have family reading night. We hook my laptop to our tv and pick a book to read together from one of my reading apps. Reading is just so important. Happy Reading

  2. Hi Jaime!
    Thanks for sharing. I think this just proves no matter how busy you are you can find a way to work in the things you love...and you should. That's what gives you life balance :)

    Hugs and happy reading.

    1. It is very hard to get in some me time when you have kids. It's amazing how we adapt :)

  3. Hi Jamie!
    I read to both my girls when they were little. Now Erica is 26 and Mackenzie is 16 and they are both big readers!! Soon they will be reading to you!

    1. I wish my guys were readers. . .they only read their phones.

  4. I remember when the kids were smaller and I didn't have much time, if any, to read. I used to read a few pages at a time whenever I could. Now that they are older, I have a lot more time to devour the many books I want to read.

    1. Nova, now that my kids are older, I too devour books :)

  5. So very true Jaime! I'm a stay at home mom too. Luci's social schedule (all FREE library programs) is ridiculous - First Art, Cuddle Up 1s & 2s(basically story hour), Dancing and Bumping the Chute, Toddler Time(another story time). I'm on the go with her at least 2x a week. Plus I try to squeeze in a Jazzercise class 2x during the week. The bonus there ... they have babysitting and Luci gets to play with a bunch of other kids for an hour. I read to Miss Luci all day long. Someone once asked, "How do you get her to sit during Story Time or while you read?" When you child sees your nose buried in a book on a usual basis, they will do the same exact thing. Kids mimic our actions. I used to cherish nap time because I could read while I did laundry and what not. Now I just don't sleep at night :o) My pile of books and ebooks is always growing.

    Great blog!! Happy Reading Miss Jaime!!!!

    1. YES! Melissa, words are just words BUT actions are so much more important! When I want to get my point across to my guys, I do the action not just words. Them seeing me working hard, reading, being there for them always, is so powerful.

  6. Jamie! I had no idea you were a stay at home mom!!! I know it's crazy! Thanks for sharing your day!
    And as always I LOVE your bookmarks!
    <3 Tobi

  7. Nova!! YOU won!!! I will put your prizes in the mail this week!! Congrats!!


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