Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Muse Wednesday! Pamper this author!

Transitioning a blog from writer focused to reader focused is really hard to do! I've been trying to come up with ways to incorporate both and I've been hitting a brick wall! So. . .I thought it would be fun to let y'all know what really gets my muse going. How much fun will that be?? Especially on hump day!

Every Wednesday I'm going to feature what gets MY MUSE awake and helps me get my words on a page.

Many hours of my writing is spent sitting at the computer, straining my eyes, multi-tasking at my guys sporting events, hours in car line (just to mention a few!). . .IS ALL WORTH IT!

I wouldn't change any of it! I absolutely adore my life. In fact, I LOVE MY LIFE!!

There was one thing that I did want to change. . .MY NAILS!!

Think about it. I have to sit at the computer all day long and look at them while I happily type away. I also notice them at book signings. It's not that I hate my nails or that they are ugly, but they are boring.

My nails are thin and brittle. I wash them all the time, use lotion, and sanitizer because I'm a germ freak!

Anyways, years ago (like in the 80's) I had acrylic nails for years, and then one day the strangest thing happened. My fingers began to itch and swell. I became allergic to them. So started my twenty years of ugly nails. 

No matter how many times I polished them, they looked bad and they cracked! Recently I had decided to see if I could wear acrylic again. . .NOPE! Within twenty-four hours my fingers reacted the same way they had done twenty-years ago....sigh....


SHELLAC came along and I have been saved! My manicurist, I go to a salon where you have to make appointments, told me that she would have my nails pretty in no time. And she was right!

Every other week, I have a standing appointment with my fun and fabulous manicurist to keep my nails amazing while I'm busy working on my next novel and signing the last. It's something that I have begun to look forward to. We have made a friendship that is going to be long lasting! Plus. . .pampering myself a little makes me happy and more productive!!

Do you do something to pamper yourself?? 


  1. I love to have my nails done. Mackenzie's birthday was in January and she wanted a Mani/Pedi I couldn't let her have them alone! :-)
    My husband's birthday was last week. I take him once a year to have a pedicure. Again, he can't do it alone! Love being pampered. Had a hard time justifying spending the money in the beginning. But I've decided I am so worth it!

  2. If I want to pamper myself, I just take a bit to be by myself. I can read, watch whatever I want on t.v., listen to my music, paint my nails/toenails or just relax on my bed. No one is allowed to "bother" me unless they are bleeding, broken or on fire. I usually do this once a week, and it helps me a lot.