Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Creative Writer

I've always been a very creative person. My first job was in a little boutique in Lexington, Kentucky on the University of Kentucky campus. My job was to paint names or sorority symbols on any merchandise that could be painted. That included sorority bows, shirts, socks, cups, acrylic clipboards, vases, and much more!
It was so much fun! And I loved pleasing people. That is when I knew that I had to feed my creative juices and when I realized I'm a giver. The only way I knew how to keep those creative juices happy was to double major in Elementary Education and Family Therapy. That didn't last long. . .I thought I was going to have creative control of teaching and counseling, but the politics wore me out!

So. . .years later I put my creative flow into writing. Of course with all my other duties as a mom, wife, friend, etc. . .I also have a house that I have to decorate. Lucky me! I have that creative flow that is still going strong.

I've always decorated in darker colors, even have black cabinets and black doors. That means that ALL of my accessories are also very dark woods and paints.
Now we are moving! If you missed THAT crazy blog, click here for the down-low! A lot of my reasoning for having such dark colors was to hide all the little dents and dings that my guys have made. Listen. . .with three boys that are VERY active, I have a lot of balls in the air, literally, and I don't have a lot of sit around knick-knacks that can be broken.


They are teenagers now and know better than to break anything! That means my new house is free reign for new colors!

I'm a very upbeat person! I love quotes! I love to have light and air surrounding me! It feeds my creative flow. This move is going to be great! We are putting in a very cool pool (when I met with the pool company, I had NO idea how many pool designs are out there!) and I think the house decorations should reflect the light, fun, love feel of our family!

Along with writing my novels, I'm repurposing items that I have to add to the new things I have bought (yes, my amazing husband said that we are supposed to be getting rid of items and not buying new....I'm coming home with something new every day for the new house!)

My new decorating style is more Shabby-Chic/French Country look with whites, creams, light grays, and OLD!

(I'm using old shutters, old ladders, skids, old barn wood, and much more to create new furniture! I had an interior decorator came and she LOVED my idea! Plus she gave me some great ideas for window treatments! Much on that later!)

YES! I'm visiting a lot of resale centers, Goodwills, Craigslist and antique stores to get those perfect finds!

Needless to say. . .my creative juices are overtaking my life and that includes my writing time! This week I made a new writing schedule that allows me to take a break and paint an item or just go crazy on Pinterest!

In the meantime. . .I just couldn't wait to decorate with the items that I have already repurposed....I redid my guest bedroom because we aren't moving for another month! And I just couldn't wait!!!
(The new house guest bedroom will have different painted walls and wainscoting on the wall!! PLUS I have a really cool headboard that my hubby is making!)

I'm loving the new airy feeling and I can't wait to share my moving journey with you!!! Cheers!

Have you ever changed your decorating style? Did you get all new items or did you repurpose like me??

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  1. Love how you are re-purposing and reusing items! Love the guest room and i can't wait to see what kind of headboard your hubby is making. I bought alot of new stuff about 5 years ago. Now i try to re-do and keep what i have. And i have been finding quite a few things at the Hospice thrift store as well as Goodwill, Salvation Army, & St. Vincent De Paul thrift store.

    1. and spray paint is this girls best friend!

  2. LOVE this post, Tonya! Wow, I had no idea you were as creative in visual arts as you are in writing. Your new house is going to be beautiful! And I LOVE the look you're going for. Do you hire out? ;)

    My husband and I are making a change soon, and we've agreed that our decorating style needs to grow up some, so that's what we're focusing on. Goodbye dorm room, hello home :)

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