Reader Monday and the Bookaholic!

I'm so excited about our second Monday of the new year and a new series that I'm featuring on Mondays. I'm calling it READER MONDAY (Yeah, creative...I know.)

The one thing that you should know about me is that I'm all about me readers! I love connecting with them here on the blog, FacebookTwitterPinterest, Goodreads, and in person. There is nothing more fun than getting together with people who love to read! Go on over to my website and check out my news and events for places I will be traveling to this year. I hope y'all let me know if you live near these places because I would love to hook up!

So when I decided to move my blog to reader friendly, I wanted to let readers have a day where they can talk about books, why they like books, who they like, how they fit riding into their busy lives, or anything that strikes their fancy! I'm pretty open to anything.
This week I'd like to give a big WELCOME to another one of my STREET TEAM members Crystal Bozeman Cifton!! 

A couple years ago my sister decided I needed to read the Twilight series and promised I would love them. I did, and in fact that is the the series of books that got me back into reading, I choose my books mostly by description but sometimes the covers get me hooked. 

I am in my forties and I love all genres and never turn down a book just in case I may love it. I have a TBR pile so high its unbelieveable and rather comical also. I have met some of the most awesome Authors on FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc and I enjoy enteracting with them all. I also love to do promo pics for them to help get their books out to the public eye. 

Tonya Kappes, Stacey Rourke, Cameo Renae, Cindy Springsteen, and numerous other Authors have inspired me to move ahead and get my childrens books published hopefully this year. 

Reading is a place I go when I don't want to deal with the real world, in the books I am never lost and I am always on an adventure along with anyone else who has read or are reading the same book. I love books that keep me engaged in the story to the point I stay up into the wee hours reading ti to the finish. 

I love to laugh, cry, get excited and just down right mad when I am reading and I just can't explain the pictures I see in my head while reading. When an Author can make you picture the landscape or even an outfit on th echarater well they have just gone above and beyond for me. 

Reading is a wonderful escape for everyone and yes I am a Bookaholic and proud to be.

What about you, are you a bookaholic too??


  1. YES I AM!!! LOL but y'all know that! FYI Matt Dallas is my Edward! Not Robert Pattinson (sp) Any way great post ladies! Sadly Tonya you're not coming anywhere near.... :(

  2. Yes I am:) I love books and the escapes that they provide:) And thank you, you just gave me more books to add to my evergrowing TBR list! Have a great day!

    1. Allyson, my TBR is just awful! Being on deadline for half of this year is killing my reading time!

  3. Hi Crystal,

    Yes, I am definitely a book junkie. I love them for all the reasons you listed. I can get so lost in the storyline, and suddenly be in those places surrounded by those characters.

    I also LOVE the Twilight books :)It's one of my favorite series.

    Good luck with your books! I hope to hear more about them as the year progresses.

    - Andrea

  4. Hi! My name is Cathy and I am a bookaholic. I love to read anything (except nonfiction). I read every night to escape and relax. I also love to talk about th books i read and share free books I find!


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