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Clean House, Clean Soul!

Gosh! I absolutely love the new year! Not only does it bring a new beginning to a lot of people, but it brings a new sense of hope, love, and life!

Last year my guys and I had a few health scares along with a couple deaths in the family, but we didn't dwell on those things. We took care of business (as my adorable husband says!) and moved on.

Last year was also the year we decided to upgrade out thirty year old house! Talk about a mess! And I'm so excited to start the new year with a new kitchen, bathroom, and office!

AND starting the new year as a full time writer is an AMAZING FEELING!!!

Plus all the great things that I have lined up are now starting to fall into place! I've got a lot of wonderful things happening for readers in 2013 and can't wait to tell you all about's super secret right now....

Anyways, starting Monday January 7, 2013, I will sit down at my desk and begin my 2013! It's been having a couple weeks off, but I love writing, writing for you! It makes me a better wife, mom, and friend!

Cheers!~to a great year!

What about you? How does the new year affect your life? Be sure to leave a comment for a print autographed copy of my newest novel, STRUNG OUT TO DIE!

"Strung Out to Die is a very memorable, highly entertaining debut novel in this series. While I have really enjoyed the other series that Tonya Kappes has written (the Olivia Davis Paranormal mysteries and the Magical Cures mysteries) I will say that Strung Out to Die is my favorite so far." ~Cozy Mystery Book Review

AND be sure to pick up your FREE ebook copy of BEAD OF DOUBT ( a short story to introduce you to the Divorced Divas in STRUNG OUT TO DIE) AND A NEW TRADITION (a small town romance short story). These books will NOT be free much longer!

Have a happy new year!! AND remember to sign up for my newsletter to get the latest Tonya Kappes news!


  1. The new year just starts my goals over. I have a goal on the number of books I want to read and I want to cross stitch more this year. I only did 3 last year and 2 went to you.

    1. Oh!! Heather! I'm so honored! I absolutely love them! I think of you every morning when I pour my coffee, every time I make my coffee, and every time I walk into my kitchen...that would be 90% of my day :)

    2. Have you gotten the second one yet?

  2. I would love to win an autographed copy!!!! We just finished renovating our upstairs hallway and bathroom on our 1894 house and glad to start the new year with less payments and a much smaller interest rate!!!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Oh, I hear you Lori! I bet your house is beautiful. We did own an historic home, but needed more space. Unfortunately that house had limited land, so we moved five years ago and JUST now getting it like we want it! BUT we were able to do the ten year mortgage which is fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy New Year! I just discovered you and would love a chance to win. I envy a home redo, though nor the process, just the finished product! I've been procrastinating too much and hope to tighten things up this year.

  5. I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store for me! This is the first time in over 3 years that I've been healthy. So this year will be full of major changes and feeling alive again! I just know 2013 will be your year to shine...and I am honored to be there with you to watch it all unfold! Cheers!!!

  6. Your New rooms look great, I really need to do that:) and organize my 3 year old's toys...I can always dream;) This is one of your books I haven't read yet but is on my TBR list! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I would love to win an autographed copy of Strung out to die! My goal for 2013 is to reorganize my craft room to make it more user friendly. I have started picking up the organizer cubes from Michaels a couple at a time when they are half price. I need to purge the stuff I no longer use. Wish me luck!

  8. I would love an autographed copy Tonya. It would be my first signed book ever. I'm excited for the new year. I just started a fitness program today, so there will be lots of changes in my life.

  9. I would LOVE to win an copy! This year we are re-organizing our townhouse. I have my last son graduating high school & my middle son finishing up his first two years in college. So I know we will be moving and I want it to be as smooth as possible. So sorting, purging, and knowing what we have is key to our success with this :) love the look of your home :beautiful!

  10. It was a tough year for my house in 2011 as one of my children had to be admitted for psychiatric care. However, as a family we have come out strong and closer with a new sense of what is important in life. We are starting the year by slowing down our day-to-day pace and purging the excess from our lives. One of your books would never be excess!
    Happy New Year!

  11. Gee, I don't own an autographed Tonya Kappes... Sigh. It would be wonderful! We moved into our home three years ago. It had been built two years prior by the person who had planned to live there. He surpassed all the specs on the place. It is a modern place, with high ceilings and windows galore. We added a lovely country wooden three season porch. Yet, I love all kinds of homes- old country homes, ocean cottages, log structures. I like the cool calm in your home, the retreat of it. The contentedness of it.

  12. This looks like the year my dream for the last 13years may actually be coming true. So I am excited!!!! If it does then can not wait to see what else the year will bring!

  13. You are brave to do all that remodelling. I'm sure it will be worth it. I'd love to remodel our bathroom to have a walk-in shower. First floor laundry would be fabulous, too, as long as I'm throwing wishes out there.
    I'd also love to have a copy of Strung Out to Dry.

  14. Well, the New Year bring another birthday for me - Saturday, I added a year to my total! It does also bring the feeling of a new chance, a fresh breath.

    If I do not win, how does one get their greedy paws on a print copy of Strung Out to Die?? Thanks!


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