Friday, December 28, 2012

Ring In The New Year. . .With Superstition?

Yes....with superstition...or good luck charms. . .or what ever is going to get you to have a GREAT 2013!

So it just might be another day to you, but it marks the start of a new year, a new chance to give things a fresh start. **knocking on wood** I have a pretty good life, and yes, I knocked on wood when I typed that. AND yes, I am very superstitious.

As a matter of fact, I wrote an entire novel based around superstition in my Grandberry Falls novel, Never Tell Your Dreams. The full title was going to be Never Tell Your Dreams Before Breakfast, but that was entirely too long for the cover.

Regardless, I could go on and on about all the superstitious things I do but I'll save that for another day. I do want to talk about what my guys and I do to ring in the new year that gives us that little extra push for a GREAT year!

First off, on New Year's Eve, we eat oranges. Lots of oranges! AND we don't throw away the peel. Then we clean the entire house, top to bottom, base boards, ceiling fans and all. I also start preparing the New Year's day meal of pork medallions, sauerkraut, round cornbread, round cookies. (Be sure the food is round!)

And I load my wallet and my husband's wallet with TWENTY SEVEN one dollar bills. As we all are roaming around getting ready for a New Year's midnight, we only think and speak positive things. My guys and I are NOT allowed to talk negatively about anyone or anything or rehash any bad situation that happened in our life in the past years (and we have a LOT we could keep discussing. . . sigh. . .).
At midnight we make sure all the windows in the house are open and we stand at the door and throw the orange peels into the house.

Now...why do I make sure me and my guys do this?
1) Chinese gold is a symbol of wealth and throwing around gold in the new year is a way to bring wealth into the new year. Orange peels are a symbol of Chinese gold and since I don't have gold, we stand at the front door and throw orange peels into the house. We are throwing money into our house.

2) Isn't it cold at midnight in the dead of winter in Kentucky? Hell yes...but in with the old, out with the new! The house is all cleaned and ready to rid itself of all the negative energy that has come into our house. YES...I HAVE HAD A NEGATIVE VISITOR IN 2012 THAT NEEDS TO BE SWEPT OUT! So, we open our windows and as the new year rolls on the clock, all that negative energy (which if you invite negative people and bad people into your house, you should do this!) goes out with the old year and new positive energy comes in the the new year.

3) Cleaning the house? Well, I keep a clean house anyways, but again, it all goes back to getting rid of the negative. I don't have time for negative, so when we invited a bad soul into our house, it has haunted me for MONTHS! I couldn't wait for the new year to sweep that energy out of my house.

4) Stuff your wallet with 27 one dollar bills and 49 coins of any denomination! This helps me head into the new year feeling full of prosperity  and wealth and it help attract those same things in the new year.

5) Why round food? The circle of luck is never ending. So eat those good luck foods on New Year's day.

You may say it's all hogwash and I won't say it isn't, but it sure does make me feel better on January 1st knowing I didn't just sit around drinking the new year in without trying to make my life better :)

What about you? Do you follow any whacky superstitious traditions? What about superstition on New Years??

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  1. My mom always made us have hering on rye bread. Like you our house was cleaned top to bottom

  2. I LOVE your suggestions!!
    We (I) believe that "so goes New Year's Eve, so goes the year". So we only do fun, happy things on NYE...we go out to eat (because I really don't want to cook all new year) and we see a movie. Last year I was doing laundry on NYE...and ya know what?? Laundry has played a predominate part of this year! Not going to happen this year!
    Happy New Year Tonya!!!

  3. Well, eating some black-eyed peas sure sounds lame compared to that!!!

    I had no idea I could be doing so much more :)
    Fun post - love it - and you!! Thanks for all the fabulous stories you brought to us in 2012. Can't wait to see what you share with us in 2013!
    Hugs and Happy New Year~

  4. Oh my you are just too funny!!! I laughed out loud! It all sounds like fun! Except the cleaning part! :-)
    We don't really have traditions like that and I'm sure if I tried to start one my family would laugh at me and think I was going nuts! We spend the night with good friends and good food.
    Growing up we would stay with my grandmother and she would wake us up to pound the new year in with the pots and pans! Now that was fun!
    Happy New year and enjoy it! Thanks for this past year...sooo much fun!

  5. I like those.
    I may try them all.
    Especially the cleaning my house top to bottom part (it so needs it, lol)
    Great post Tonya!

  6. Back when she was in college, my daughter and her roommate broke a mirror in the dorm. The roommate's mom drove all the way to the college, collected the mirror and its pieces in a cloth, drove home and buried them in her backyard. Within two weeks, the family won 18 million dollars in our NY State lottery. Well, there you go.

  7. Our Christmas tree has to come down on New Year's Day. And we have corned beef & cabbage. All is for good luck. (You should have potatoes, carrot slices cut round and onions with the corned beef & cabbage.) Never heard of the oranges being used for that, but we always had them. Maybe my Mom just didn't tell us it was for luck /money.

  8. Never heard of doing that. Sounds like a fun tradition.