Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Secret To Publishing


A year for what?? I'm glad you asked! It's been a year since I decided to blog and blog three times a week!! Happy BLOGAVERSARY to me!!

A year ago I was receiving over 100 emails a week from writers asking me from: how my books made the best sellers lists so quickly after they were released, what do you do to market, how do you reach your target audience of readers, etc....

That is when I decided I was tired of answering those emails and wanted a place to send the writers. This blog was my idea! I have covered almost every single topic that I do to make my career a success.  There isn't a magic formula, but I can promise you that it's been consistency.

Consistency....Consistency is the secret to publishing!


On this anniversary, CONSISTENCY is going to be my new word going forward into this next year of blogging.

How does that equal NOVEL SUCCESS?

As writers we know that we can't wave a magic wand and mysteriously get words on a page, we have to do one thing....

SIT OUR BUTT IN THE CHAIR AND WRITE. Plain and simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less.  i can guarantee that if you don't put your butt in the chair, you will not succeed, you will fail. No matter how much advice I have provided you on this blog, it will NEVER work for you if you don't sit your butt in the chair and write.

Just like this blog. I had to consistently plan Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night a topic to blog on. I had to come home after working my day job, get my guys to their after school functions (plus sporting events and games), cook dinner, do laundry, dr. appt (because all my guys have to go to monthly ortho and dermatologist appt), four legged children needs (we walk at least two miles a day), and every other thing I do. Guess have those same set of obstacles or more! Which means that all writers have the same issues. No matter if they are a best seller or not! Everyone has issues.

I was consistent with my time and schedule and fulfilled my quest to not only put out four novels and blog three times a week! And my family survived through it all!

Over the next  couple of months I will be blogging only once or twice a week. I participate in NANOWRIMO and get my publishing schedule for 2013 ready. Blogging here does take up about five hours of my weekly time and I'm going to be spending that time in November to participate in NANOWRIMO.

I have guest blogs that I will be putting up and if you would like to guest blog, please check out the guest blog tab on top. I know that each and everyone of you have something to add to our little community here.

So go ahead:

1) Put your butt in the chair with a few goals in mind. Put on a timer starting for ten minutes and just write. Don't go back and edit. Just write for ten minutes! Take a break and go back and write for another ten minutes.

2) Surround yourself with like-minded people. I want you to reach out for support on Facebook, writing loops, people who are going to encourage you to continue on your goals and road to publication.

3) Look at your writing as a career. If you have a day job, you have to show up everyday in order to get a paycheck or NOT to get fired. Same with writing! Show up everyday!

If you want to succeed, you have to show up everyday and perform. OR your readers will fire you.



  1. Thanks, Tonya. As always, you are an inspiration.

    1. Oh, Gerri! I'm not sure if it's inspiration or I'm just crazy and taking y'all along with me on what has worked for me! BUT I'm so glad you are here.

  2. I have been a daily reader of your blog and have learned so much. Thanks for giving us your knowledge and help. Soon I hope to join the ranks for published writers and your blog has hurried that along.

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I'm so glad something has helped or guide someone. Let me know when your novel comes out.

  3. Excellent advice! If you want to be a writer, you need to write consistently. So simple, so true. It took me many years to figure out this simple thing. For some reason, in my younger years I thought I could just sit down and whip out a novel in a few days (and of course would get frustrated and give up). Glad I'm older and wiser now. I now have the novel(s) to prove it!

    Thanks for a great blog.

    1. Hi, Riley! Dreaming about being a writer is so much easier than doing the work. Good for you! Glad to connect with you on Twitter!

  4. Great post and excellent advice. I've learned so much from you and I'm still not done reading you past posts.

  5. Great to hear about Goals and Motivations .... very inspirational for all of us :)

    xx, Lauren

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