Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The value of the reader!

Today I'm hanging over at Reviews From My First Read Shelf. I'm talking about the value of the reader. I normally don't post on my blog places that I am going to be a guest, but I want you to know how I market to my readers.

Today is TONYA KAPPES STREET TEAM GRATITUDE RELEASE. Yesterday my book A CHARMING CRIME released and because of my STREET TEAM my novel is climbing the charts! Today is the day I give back to them.

I have over 50 authors donating their books, swag, gift cards, STREET TEAM tote bags, and much more.

If you are interested on how I do it, you have to join the STREET TEAM. I'd love for you to have the wonderful success I have had with my amazing readers!!

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  1. Win, lose or draw, this is one of the best team experiences I've had. The book release was awesome. When the team members are as excited as the author is when a book is released, you know it's a special moment. Cheers, to a great team effort!