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Blogging doesn't make you money....SAY WHAT???

Sometimes I come across some really GREAT people that make really IGNORANT comments. It cracks me up because most of the time, these people have no clue what they are talking about...and in that case, they really should keep their mouth closed.

Am I ranting? No. I'm actually chuckling inside, because these comments give me GREAT ideas to blog.

I'm not going to tell you the participants in this story, but I think it's really important for you to know the outcome....

I had suggested to a TRADITIONALLY published author that they should start a blog using their new book as the theme. IT'S A GREAT IDEA!!

I got a sweet smile, laughed at, and then..."blogging doesn't make you money."

I didn't rant, or go off, I simply got a pen out of my purse and wrote GREAT BLOG TOPIC on the palm of my hand. I did NOT want to forget the feeling I was having when those words left the mouth of that author.

I was almost giddy! Excited in fact! Little does that author know....

So this brings me to what I think is going to be a GREAT topic. WHY BLOGGING IS CRITICAL TO MAKING YOU MONEY!

1) Forces you to think about a target audience. Isn't this what helps sell our books??? Selling books=money...right?

If you target your audience (this blog targets writers and how to help them-readers probably AREN'T reading this blog), and promote it as the targeted blog, you will gain readers. The author who prompted me to write this blog, has a VERY targeted theme that would appeal to a VERY targeted audience that will lead to many sells...

For instance, if you write paranormal, you would do some great blogs posts on haunted houses, paranormal activities, talk about paranormal get the point. You are building that target audience.

2) Forces you to write.
We have to write in order to get a book out. Blogging helps you stay focused and write! It helps you hone your voice. You can experiment with what works best for you and see the results from the traffic you get and  comments you will receive.

Blogging helps you explore topics that forces you to research topics, which in turn makes you more knowledgeable. AND that could spark more ideas for writing. Writing=money!

3) Makes you more visible. (blog forums)
I use my blog to promote my novels. Regardless this is for writers, I post on all forums. When I post a blog, I go to the Kindle forums, Nook forums, writer forums and post the blog topic with the URL. This leads to a lot of page views and believe it or not...usually a couple books sold!

The forums have my books in my tag lines and I hear from the reader how much they liked my blog and book covers so they bought "such and such book." THAT'S MONEY....RIGHT?

4) Creates a following.
A following is what all authors want! WE love to have readers, regardless of where they come from.

5) Leads to appearances.
This blog has given me a great platform to teach workshops. I've been teaching workshops for over three years. During this time, I have met some GREAT people in the writing community. I teach at conventions where I meet readers and writers. The readers want my books, the writers want any advice I can give them.

Blogging has also given me the opportunity to participate in book clubs! The book clubs read one of my books, and they love to bring up how I come up with characters, their development, the process. With out blogging about it here, I'd have a really hard time answering those questions.

Don't listen to ignorant statements. Don't miss out on opportunities to find an audience. Hey...Donald Trump blogs! Do you think he'd waste his time if he wasn't making money???

Blogging is like the NEW BLACK for authors. Well...maybe black doesn't look good on everyone, but it is my favorite color!


  1. Yes siree, Tonya. I totally agree!

  2. Another keeper, Tonya. Invaluable advice, as always. THANK YOU.

  3. Wow, great post! Picked up some cool tips too! Thanks Tonya.

    *thumbs up*

  4. Very true, Tonya, and sad that your friend is blind to this reality. I'm happy that she is doing so well that she does not have to self-promote, but the time is coming. Indies are making a name for themselves, which means publishers and traditionally-published authors will have to work harder to maintain their lion's share of readers they've been enjoying. I recently saw a post from a traditionally-pubbed author that her publisher was dropping her for lack of sales. Uh-oh...I guess they do expect you to market your book. Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. I don't think that they really thought what they were saying was ignorant. I truly know this person believes that if you write a book, the last step is for the publisher to get it on the shelf. This person isn't even a mid-list author, but works really hard at writing, which is what we all should be doing....but when you do have a book out, ONLY ONE, you should be out there promoting to your target audience.

      I think what really took me back was being dismissed at the ignorant one. This person doesn't read my blog or even follow me on the internet, so it wasn't important enough for me to address it with them.

      I just want everyone to realize that they HAVE to do something in this publishing world. NOT sit back....

  5. Blogging isn't for everyone, though. Blogging does make you write, but there is a difference between nonfiction writing for informative purposes, and fiction writing for entertainment purposes--you use different parts of your brain.

    No matter how much you blog, it's the promo of the blog that leads to the eyeballs on the books. Not every author will find blogging or certain types of promo comfortable. Personally, if it isn't fun for me, I feel that people will sense that and be just as uncomfortable as I am, leading them towards thinking of me as uncomfortable. I'd rather not do a type of promo or visibility exercise at all if I'm not going to be happy doing it. The great thing about indie is that I can set my own working terms...and change them whenever I need to. :)

    1. I agree that blogging isn't for everyone, but to do NOTHING....and I MEAN NOTHING....

      I don't really care what this person does, they have never even asked for my advice, but I do think that it bothered me how I was scoffed at:) Makes for a GREAT blog post. Ego...maybe, but it was validation for me and I think that as a self-published author, we are always trying to look for that validation.

  6. True 'dat, Tonya! There are a whole new group of traditionally published writers that have a huge learning curve ahead of them.Indies are light years ahead in marketing. Brand building by blogging is just one piece of that puzzle.

  7. Great blog post...and very true!
    Thanks, Tonya

  8. Thanks again, Tonya. You always hit the nail on the head. I agree that blogging isn't for everyone, but one would imagine a writer would want to get the most exposure possible to increase the sales of their book. Blogging is one of those avenues and as a novelist, I intend to take every avenue possible to increase the sales of my book. Great post.

    1. Gerri, Let me know what works for you. I love hearing success stories!

  9. Well said! Blogging really is a great way to connect and become visible!

    1. Maria, it is. I know that some people don't like it, but it helps create that target audience for your novels.

  10. I agree with you on blogging, Tonya.

  11. Great article, nice one Tonya. Especially the street teams idea.
    Blogging for me ranges from 'lots of fun' (when I'm full of interesting ideas) to 'really quite hard' (when I'm totally not). The best way to come up with cool new stuff to blog about I find, is to interact with other authors/ readers and the whole writing blogosphere/ phenomena in general.
    Best regards
    Rod Tyson

  12. Wonderful post. I am still growing as a blogger (I only just started blogging in April), as well as a writer (my debut novel published at the end of March). I've done very well knowing very little, but I want to take things to the next level, and your blog has quickly become one of my favorites. In fact, I include it in my blogroll on my blog. :) I'll keep reading if you keep writing. Thank you.

  13. Nice article and so important. I can't imagine calling yourself an author without also having a blog, these days. Have enjoyed discovering you and reading some of your posts. Good stuff.

    You can find me at


  14. Do you know that you are one of the best ever finds in the blogosphere?

    Such useful and interesting info every time.

    Many thanks..xx

  15. I think it depends how you use and promote your blog - obviously you do a great deal with yours. I've read a couple of others of your posts, too.

    Oddly enough, I read a post with the other argument only yesterday, too, and I tended to agree with that one more. I only blog about twice a month, have just 40 followers, and only promote it on Twitter, I have to say; I get commented a fair bit, and quite often have people say to me that they've enjoyed my such and such a piece - but I don't know that any of them have ever bought a book of mine!

    No, I don't think blogging is a waste of time, I don't go that far! I read about 3/4 a day and have read some good stuff. However, I do agree with the other article (by someone calles Robert Chazz Chute, or something similar!) that if your blog is USING UP TIME THAT YOU WOULD OTHERWISE BE SPENDING ON YOUR NOVEL, then it's perhaps not such a good idea. I've seen so many people who have just one novel out, talk about lack of time, but use some of the time they do have to blog about the difficulty of writing the second novel - or even about finding the time to write the second novel - how nuts is that????

    To sum up, I think it depends on the blog, and how much time you have!

  16. ps.... just wanted to say that, similarly, although I sell books on a regular basis, I don't know that any of those people have read my blog!

  17. Tonya. You're 100 % onto re blogs.

    Fact is, right now I'm planning my next children's illustrated book series, and right up front in the marketing plan is the BLOG. In fact that will be started within a few weeks - 2 years before this series becomes visible.

    My own main blog is only a month old, and already generating business.

    One other thing , I don't know who designed the book cover for 'A Charming Crime', but is simply sublime. I feel it will become known as a classic design. I'd consider printing it out as a wall poster for my office!


  18. As a new author I am on a tremendous learning curve. This blog post has given me a new outlook - a light turned on in my head! :) I have a blog but wasn't sure how to make it interesting. Thanks so much for the great advise!!! Now I know WHAT to post - Hurray!!! Thanks Tonya!


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