Building Your Network

If you’re like most writers, there are two things you do every day after you get up out of bed:

·         check your email
·         check out your favorite blogs

But wait! Checking emails and reading blogs are great, but you need to do more. I've covered blogging (and how your blog is one many people should be checking in with every morning), but now we’re talking about building your network.
Just having a website doesn’t cut it these days. Yes, we have our own little world that only we writers understand. But your goal is to build name recognition and find potential readers. That means interacting with other writers and readers in the blogosphere—and beyond.
I'm talking about joining actual on-line groups and local writing groups. Trust me, there are plenty out there to fit every personality.
You may be saying to yourself, “Oh no, not me. I’m not a writing group kind of person.”
You just hold on to your tool belt. I'm going to give you the group networking tools to put in your toolbox.
Writing is very lonely. I'm sure you’ve figured out just how lonely it is by the blank stares people give you when you tell them you’re a writer. Or how about this one: “Are you published?”
And when you tell them you are on the road to publishing, they tilt their heads and give you the “Huh?” look. Translation: S/he’s not really a writer if s/he’s not published. Man! Don’t you love that look?
The point is, being lonely, especially when you’re passionate about something, is no fun. You have to get connected to other writers who understand your passion. Online groups are great for both introvert and extrovert personalities, they help you form connections and broaden your marketing outreach.
Join a group that best suits your writing needs. From there, your level of participation is totally up to you. You can lurk, sitting back and reading what everyone else is doing, or jump right in and comment on all the posts. Or find someplace in the middle.
Next Monday I'm going to discuss some really great online groups that you might be interested in.
Check out these Author Networking sites!

International Bestselling author Tonya Kappes believes that targeted and smart promotion and marketing can take a book from lackluster sales to the world of bestseller. She pooled her resources and knowledge to write The Tricked Out Toolbox: Promotion and Marketing Tools Every Writer Needs. When not touting marketing and promotion through her workshops, she write cozy mysteries, romantic suspense, and women’s fiction. I'm addicted to coffee, McDonald's Diet Coke, and Red Hots Candy!


  1. This is so true! I joined a writers group as soon as I decided to become a writer. What a difference it has made! Building your network will not only provide support, it will help you succeed. My writing would not have developed and gotten me where I am now (sent out first round of queries yesterday) if it wasn't for the authors I've meet along the way. I look forward to reading your next post.

  2. Thanks for the link. I never knew there was an author networking "yellow pages".

    Also, I just got The Tricked Out Toolbox and have been reading it nonstop.


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