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I'm so sorry. I'm kicking you of my limb!

Last week we discussed hashtags and why they are important for you to use when you use Twitter. This week it's important to understand how Twitter works with follows and unfollows.

I don't know about you, but when I follow someone on Twitter, I hope they follow me back. My following was going up but my followers weren't. I would look up a hashtag that interested me, like #amwriting, and began to click follow on everyone.  Of course they were going to follow me back! They used #amwriting too!!


Oh, well. . .I continued to follow everyone and everyone that followed me I would send an automatic follow. PERFECT, until. . .I was stuck! Twitter only let me follow 2k tweeps. 
TWO-THOUSAND? That's nothing!! But I was stuck, I couldn't follow anyone back. What to do?
I knew that if I just emailed Twitter, the Twitter God would see that I'm truly a nice person and let me put my nest higher up in the tree. Right?


Twitter God: “Follow limits are based on several…

"How well do you know me?" your novel asks.

Do you ever say to yourself, "today is the day I'm going to writer for five hours straight!"? Come on. . .fess up!
And did you decide to clean the kitty liter or dust under the couch or even take a tooth brush and scrub the hardware on your toilet? It's okay, don't be ashamed. We've all been there.
And we've all blamed it on WRITERS BLOCK!!!! (I couldn't resist, Calvin and Hobbs is one of my all time favs!)
I'm not saying all that cleaning isn't important. In fact, my desk has to be spotless before I can even think about writing. This is stress that I put on myself. When writers ask me about writers block, I don't laugh, but I don't really believe in it. I think that stress has a lot to do with writers block.
Stress? What? We don't have stress. We have the best job in the world. We get to pour our every thought on the page. . .
. . .until we really sit down to work and all the other stuff in our lives creep in.
I'm not going to debunk…

One Size Does NOT Fit All When It Comes To Marketing Yourself!

Seriously, do you see those snuggy commercials?

As a matter of fact, someone gave me a snuggy as a joke for Christmas. . .and one size does not fit all. I began thinking about this concept and how it relates to marketing and promoting books.

I have heard that marketing and promoting is something very difficult to do. No matter what publication journey you are on, marketing and promoting is primarily up to you, the author. And I've got you covered! I’ve co-written a non-fiction book with author Melissa Bourbon Ramirez, The Tricked Out Toolbox~Promotional and Marketing Tools Every Writer Needs, (TOT) that will be available as a second edition in less than a month.

My vision for the book was to look like one of the Dummie's guides, chalked full of ideas, tried and true tools that worked for other authors, and testimonies from them. I am published with over 32,000 ebook sales in under six months, so I'd like to think I know a little something about marketing and promoting.


Are You A Fearful Writer. . .Don't BE!

"The fear of becoming a 'has-been' keeps some people from becoming anything." Eric Hoffer
"Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom." Marilyn Ferguson
Some of you may roll your eyes at those quotes, but fear is a real emotion for some writers. As writers, we have all these stories in our head, and sometimes those stories don’t make it on the page because of fear.
Does this sound familiar? Let’s look at a few fears that might be holding you back.
Fear of Inadequacy Even I have a hard time with this one! Me? Moi? Yes! This , most-talkative, loves to pay it forward writer has this fear. I’m always questioning myself about THIS blog or my books. Even the blogs that get the most hits or the books that have sold out at book signings or bestsellers. A lot of “who wants to read this?” Or “what makes me an expert?”
Well…this amazes me because you are here, reading my blog and I have a lot of great readers who encourage me to write more. It on…

Tweet Your Way Marketing Plan

Believe it or not, most writers aren't on Twitter. They find it a little to fast or just plain confusing. Admittedly, they are right.

Twitter can be a tad bit confusing. When you tweet, there can be 25 more tweets from other people before you even finish typing in your tweet. PLUS who can write their thoughts in 140 characters?

If you are anything like me. . . I have a lot to say and 140 characters don't cut it.

But I have found so many helpful authors that were willing to help me learn the in's and out's of tweeting and I've got my own twideas (my made up word for tweet ideas. Hey, I'm a fiction writer in my own world!) up my sleeve.

Twitter is a powerful tool for you to use to reach readers, writers, and other industry professionals.
Using the proper hashtag (#) is the way to reach your target audience.

Before we talk about hashtags, we need to talk about etiquette and how to use Twitter effectively. There are so many times I get tweets from authors that are …

Year of Change. . .Shooting for the Moon!

Over the past six months my writing career has gone from zero to 90! It's been so much fun getting to know all my fantastic readers. As a matter of fact the cards below are from my readers! I couldn't believe how many Starbucks gift cards, ornaments, or even just a simple note that I got. It's me who should be showering them with gifts!!
(so authors Melissa Bourban and Jane Porter's are on top...they still read my books!)
I spent most of the holiday writing away on my cozy mystery, Strung Out To Die. It's been so much fun actually writing that many words, digging deep into the character and NOT just skimming the top.
As a self-published author, you have the ability to write until you think you are finished. Sometimes that means that you aren't fleshing out those characters, or even that scene.
I continued to write and write, making the decision that I had a career path. I want more readers, more author friends, and more of the crazy business. Writing is in my bl…

Happy New Life Free For A Couple Of Days!

Happy New Life is free for the next couple days! I wanted to thank everyone for your support, and the only way I can do that is to offer you a free book! If you have it, please pass it along and let someone else discover Grandberry Falls.

Interior decorator and divorced mom, Liz Day, is living her dream by opening up The Mole Hole Interiors. Life couldn't be better with best friend Jenna Greenlee and boyfriend, Cole Michaels by her side. Until she discovers a deep secret between Jenna and Cole that will change the lives in Grandberry Falls.

Jenna vows to make the new year, the beginning of a NEW LIFE. . .HAPPY NEW LIFE.

"Another wonderful, heart-felt trip through Grandberry Falls.
Recently divorced all Liz wanted was a place to call home, where she could raise her son apart from the life she was leaving behind.

Life was coming together, finally. Every other weekend saw her traveling, taking her son to visit his father. The rest of the time saw her running her business and falling…

Being A Chart Topper Isn't Enough!

Over the past few weeks, I've been looking at what I did over 2011 to help my publishing career take off. Even my “goals” had drastically changed from this time last year until now. What I do to be successful is NOT for everyone.

When I decided to go Indie, I priced my book at 2.99. I DID great at that price point and made it to Amazon’s best seller list on the first day by selling over 300 copies. After a few days and after my friends and family had bought Carpe Bead ‘em, I slowly saw sales decline. Again….if anyone knows me, they know I’m an instant gratification gal. God knows that I need to remind myself of “the long tail sale" of books. This is the infinite shelf space for my ebooks. They will forever be available.

That just wasn’t good enough for me, so I decided to slash prices to .99 and upload more books. Was this bad? NO! I was just starting out and I wanted people to read my books. When I put my books at .99, it propelled me into a different reader group all together.…

L.C. Evans

Today came with sad news that the literary community has lost a dear friend, L.C. Evans.
"It is with great sorry that I share ~ We lost one of our own last night. Our beloved and lovely lady, Linda Evans succumbed to her battle with cancer .

LC Evans fought like a tiger. A lady tiger. Linda was always kind and generous with her time. She was never too busy to help a friend or respond to a fan.

Her daughter Jenny will be taking over the promotion of her mother's books. It would be wonderful if we could support the sales of LC Evans delightful novels to help defray her medical bills.

I have a feeling Linda is watching us right now.

We love you girl!" ~Barbara Silkstone

You can find Linda's novels: 

She will be greatly missed.

Over 300,000 words!

On one of my Facebook author groups, there was a questioned that was posted and it made me pause.
How many words did you write in 2011? You know, that was a really good question! I wasn't sure where my number would turn out, but here they are: Carpe Bead 'em =67,260 The Ladybug Jinx =55,001 Happy New Life = 47,356 = 79,470 Bead of Doubt=15,030 Superstitious Christmas = 16,138 Color Me Love=14,650 Strung Out To Die = 62,015 (not completed by December 31. I didn't include those numbers after.) Total: 356,920 WOW!! I had no idea that I had written that many words!! That doesn't include rewrites, edits, etc.... What have I learned writing so many words? I've gone through two different editors last year, but stuck with Matt Rush, because he really did help me learn. I've been going to my critique group, Heather Webber, Shelley Shepard Grey, Hilda Linder-Knepp, and Cathy Liggett for two years. They have seen me grow leaps and bounds over the past few months. Writin…

2012 Reader and Writer Get Together

The annual Reader and Writer Get Together is now open for registration!!!
June 1st!!

Everyone is welcome! The Get Together is possible because everyone pulls together. For only $50, you get an entire weekend of fun with authors, readers, publishers, editors and agents. But our focus is to make this FUN for the readers. LOTS of giveaways, terrific raffles, plenty of face time with your favorite author, a multi-author book fair, photos, meals, games, parties... join us, and I promise you won't regret it.

Here is a list of all the amazing authors that are participating this year!

Lori Foster aka L.L. Foster
Duffy Brown aka Dianne Castell
Sherrilyn Kenyon 
Lora Leigh 
C. H. Admirand
Marcia Anderson
D. Renee Bagby 
Becky Barker
Jules Bennett
Toni Blake 
Monica Burns
Mary Burton
Ann Christopher
Lisa Cooke
Virna DePaul
Monette Draper
Jacquelyn Frank
Viola Grace
Leanna Renee Hieber 
Brenda JacksonTonya Kappes
Kimberly Killion 
Donna MacMeans  
Janice Maynard
Erin McCarthy
Sarah McCarty
Patricia Sargeant 
Jill Shalvis

Apple making a big MOVE for EBOOKS

It looks like Apple is getting in the game of self published authors this month. Good eReader is reporting that Apple is going to "launch an new digital platform" that will get their share of the success that Amazon (KDP) and Barnes and Noble (Publit) has seen over the last fifteen months.
eBookNewser reports:“There’s no word yet on when the event will take place, but the fact there are 2 inside sources does lend a lot of weight to the rumor. Also, consider the timing of the leak. CES is next week, and once again Apple has managed to upstage the trade show. This is exactly what they did with the original iPad launch 2 years ago. Everyone at CES 2010 talked about the Apple event, and that’s probably going to happen here, too.”
What does this mean for authors? 
This is great for self-published authors because the only way to published on Apple products is through Smashwords. And that can take up to six weeks. With the option to upload to an Apple publishing, the author will be a…

Monday Musings

Monday after a long holiday break.......

Have a wonderful day!!