Saturday, December 10, 2011


A Superstitious Christmas
I'm excited to have the cover and buy link for A Superstitious Christmas!!

Come back to Grandberry Falls in this novella and spend a little time getting to know Hazel Greenlee and her bunch!

Maggie Greenlee can’t wait for the Greenlee traditions to start, especially the annual ornament exchange.
Only things don’t go as planned once Maggie announces to the Greenlee clan that she’s engaged to Grady Cohen, one of the wealthiest bachelors in New York City.
There are two problems. One, Hazel Greenlee, Maggie’s granny and Grandberry Falls’ local matchmaker, has already determined that Maggie is going to marry Mayor Mitch Dozier. And two, Grady thinks the superstitious beliefs that have ruled Maggie’s life, are child like.
With Grady deliberately breaking every superstitious tradition, and Granny Hazel pushing Maggie in the arms of Mitch Dozier, Maggie isn’t sure she’s going to survive Christmas in Grandberry Falls.

Why is this so special to me?
We have talked about superstition here before, click here, and it was so much fun that I even put a tab at the top of my blog page to list all the fun superstitions!
But this book is more than that to me, it's about family and how different everyone in families are.
I grew up in a superstitious home, and no matter how different my family is, we still have that one bond between us.
One minute we could be fighting in the car and for a brief moment it would stop, only because drove over a railroad track and threw our feet up at the same time.
Family tradition is also a big element in A SUPERSTITIOUS CHRISTMAS. I hold tradition dear in my heart. Every year I put my mother's Christmas tree up the Sunday after Thanksgiving because we've always done this. I take my mother to see a play or musical around Christmas because it's tradition. There is just something about tradition that makes things cozy.
Plus A SUPERSTITIOUS CHRISTMAS, takes place during the holidays which always has your emotions on high alert.
This novella is packed with humor, dysfunction, romance, family tradition and SUPERSTITION!!

What about you? What is some of your family traditions?


  1. I also put up my parent's tree each year...

    As I do with mine, I do a different theme for them each time...

    I'll never forget a couple years ago when I finished the topper (I always make those to go along with the theme), I finished this gorgeous bird extravaganza with nests and berries.

    I asked my dad what he thought, and without hesitation, he said: "Well, it looks like the damn birds have hemorrhoids with all those red berries comin' out their *sses!"

  2. My family always picks the tree where we will have Thanksgiving dinner and all get together to put up the tree