Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let Me Introduce You. . . .

Holly Harper, a divorced diva, is the owner of The Beaded Dragonfly bead shop.

Willow Harper is Holly's pet pot-bellied pig that keeps Holly company since her divorce from "what's his name."

Sean Harper is Holly's "what's his name." He own Sean's Little Shack handy-man service that cleans up a lot of Doug Sloan's shoddy work.

Ginger Sloan Rush, an honorary divorced diva, is Holly's best friend and member of the wealthiest family in Swanee.

Jim Rush is Ginger's husband and manager of the local hardware store. He is busy trying to start a security camera business.

Doug Sloan is Ginger's brother. He is a local handy-man that breaks hearts more than fixes them.

Flora White, a divorced diva, is never without her cell phone. If you didn't know you, you'd think it was attached to her body.

Bernadine Frisk, a divorced diva, lives across the the lake from Holly. She is divorced from a cut-throat lawyer and will do anything to get back at him. . .without him knowing it's her. Bernadine knows everything about everyone.

Cheri, an honorary diva, is a local college student that lives in the apartment above the bead shop. She's not only an honorary Diva, she's an expert in karate.

Agnes Pearl, a divorce diva, is the local nosy widow. She's a tell it like she sees it, only she's half blind.

Marlene, a divorce diva, is the newest citizen in Swanee. She lives with Agnes Pearl and takes care of what ever Agnes needs. Marlene also works at The Beaded Dragonfly on a part-time basis.

Noah Druck is the local police officer. He knows everyone and everyone can hear him coming because he loves to whistle Swanee River non-stop.

Bear MaGee is the local lawyer for the Sloan family. No one cross Bear!

Holly Harper's life is finally getting back on the right track after her divorce from "what's his name." She and a group of divorcees have formed a strong bond plotting creative ways to get back at their exes by creating a self-help group known as The Divorced Divas where the meeting are held in Holly's bead store, The Beaded Dragonfly.

There's more than just beading going on when Diva Marlene's rare Spinet Yellow Diamond goes missing and Holly was the last one to see it, or so they thought.

Get to know and fall in love with each one of the Divas starting with Bead Of Doubt, A Divorced Diva Mini-Mystery, the prequel to Strung Out To Die, A Divorced Diva Mystery Novel.


  1. I just bought it and can't wait to read it, Super T!

    I still think your new pig Willow must meet my pot-bellied wonder Vinnie!!!

    Cheers to you and congrats on your new release!!!

  2. Congrats on another new release. Heading to Amazon.

  3. Thanks, DD! I really do love this series. It lets my muses soar!

  4. Aww...thanks, Dru! I'll be curious to see what you think since you are the number one cozy critic:)))

  5. Oooo, this sounds good. Must read it. I like the premise and there's lots of room for laughter and fun.

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  6. THanks so much, Sia! It's a fun series! I can't wait for the world to meet the DIVAS!!