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To Book Or Not To Book...that is the question.

Now that I have five novels out, and working on six short stories plus three NEW novels for 2012, I'm having to make some business decisions.
These decisions aren't easy for me, and I won't bore you with all of them but ONE!
When I left my publisher and began my indie journey, I knew that I wanted a career as closest to being with a big six publisher that I could get.
That didn't mean I wanted a big six publisher, I don't, what I wanted was the publicity and a chance to compete with what a big six publisher might be able to get you. More marketing, more promo, yada-yada. . .But most of all I wanted a BOOK. A book to hold, a book with my name on the cover.
And I've done that! I realized I was my best marketer/promoter not some big company. I had the book signings, the copies to my friends, parents, and whoever else wanted one.

Here are the stats. I've been published for FIVE months, and in that five months I've sold over 10k ebooks and 500 print books. I'm not complaining. It's fantastic! Trust me when I say that my heart is so grateful that one book sold much less over 10k!
And the 500 print books are from signings. BUT it does cost me to have Print On Demand with Amazon. I promise I'm not in this writing gig for the money, but I don't want to go in the hole either. NOT THAT I AM, but it's a business decision that needs to be made. I hate when readers ask me why the ebook version is only .99 when the paperback is $10.99. I can control the ebook version price, but Createspace makes the final decision on the paperbacks. I would love to make my paperbacks less and gain more readers.

I hear readers all the time that are not embracing the ereaders because they LOVE the smell of a book, the feel of it, etc. And I get it. I too was hesitant until I got my Kindle. I've read more since I've had my Kindle then I have in years! Plus I'm not lugging all my paper backs everywhere. I'm not ever buying paperbacks anymore.

With in the next two weeks, the next novel in my Grandberry Falls series, HAPPY NEW LIFE, is coming out. I've made the decision to release the novel in ebook only. I'm not saying it will be like that forever, but the initial release will only be in ebook.

Are you a ebook reader? OR do you still want that book?


  1. Great post Tonya! It sounds like you made the decision that is right for you at this point in your career. And 10K sales! That's amazing! Congrats!! Love the new cover by the way and can't wait to read it!

  2. I want both!!! 'K done pouting now! So happy for you! Perhaps in a few years, the POD will be down to reasonable prices. I've had so many friends that absolutely do not want an ebook, but can't get paper - there's got to be a way to do both economically.

  3. Congrats on selling 10,000 e-books. That is great!

    I'm both...I love my e-reader and I love holding a book.

  4. Interesting, Tonya. This is a decision I'm struggling with at the moment, so it's interesting to hear your take on it! Thank you.

  5. Tonya, thankfully at the moment I don't have to make a decision because I'm Indie publishing short stories. If I decide with a bigger book it will be a decision I will have to make. I love my Nook and ebooks but I still shop the bookstore from time to time.

  6. Thankfully, in this country there is room for BOTH! So somedays I'm in a KINDLE mood, while others I want nothing more than to hold a hardcover and stick my nose between the pages and loose myself completely (which I can't quite do with a my KINDLE...YET) Gotta say that more and more the pricepoint on an ebook makes it much more enticing.

    Congrats on the fabulous sales numbers!

  7. Okay, you get two answers from me:
    1. I finally gave up on the signing in Nicholasville and ordered a print copy of Splitsville from Amazon (it arrived this week).
    I still really prefer print books.
    2. Since print books cost 2 or 3 times as much as e-books, and since I've now tried the Kindle (my daughter's) -- with DD's book -- I've decided to try to lobby for an e-reader for Christmas.
    So ... if you decide on e-books only, I'll still be able to read you (loud and clear).

  8. THREE new novels? Wow, quite the work ethic. I feel guilty now for just having one new novel coming out. And congrats on selling 10,000 ebooks (and hopefully tens of thousands more along the way).

    As far as wanting print or digital, I'm split on it. Personally, I love having physical books. Both for reading please and for collecting purposes. On the other hand, I love the fact that I can put my ebooks on my iPhone so I can read them whenever I'm waiting around. Of course, I'll see which medium I really prefer once I get my hands on the new kindle.

    I doesn't surprise me that there are people who'd rather read physical books to digital books. Just like how ten years ago, even with the digital downloading of music, some people preferred (and still prefer) to buy CDs or even vinyls. I don't see books going away but more along the lines of being sold in specialty shops and stores with fantastic services (just like with the music stores).

    Of course, downloads are also a lot cheaper than physical products. Since obviously there isn't the physical production and shipment. But hopefully one day there will be a Barnes and Noble for independent books, where they can buy books by the bundle and sell them at a reasonable price.

  9. Hi, Juliette. So far I think I have made the right decision. If not, I'll send my fab cover artist a quick note and she'd be able to get me a cover jacket quickly. She does do the best covers!

  10. Oh, Linda, I know! But unfortunately times are changing. I'm listening to my readers and giving them what they want. Plus I can write faster than I can get them into book form. You'll find out, readers want more, more, more, and that's not a bad thing;))

  11. Thanks, Dru! You do get a TON of books from publishers. What do you do with all of them after you read them? I took my to half price books and Heather Weber about killed me. SHE HATES used book stores.

  12. Talli, I'd love to hear your decision. I've found that the book form was really just for me and my ego. I wanted the book b/c that's what we've been taught. "You aren't an author until that book is on the shelf." Well, I'd rather spend my time doing what is selling rather than doing what my ego wants;)

  13. Hi, Jill! I loved going to bookstores to write and buy stationery. All of my books stores have closed, so ebook is starting to boom around here. Congrats on your Indie shorts!

  14. Isn't it great, Jayne! Just a year ago, ebooks were still taboo for anyone who didn't have a book to show for it. Now I'm not seeing such stigmas and it feels so good to be a writer right now!

  15. Jeff, NO!!! I bought you the book for your being the first commenter here!! I just got it in the mail on Saturday and was sending it to you!!!! Let me know if you still want it, if you don't I'll send another one.
    Anyways....not sure about the signing. There's been some snafus with the business and I'd love to be there when they get them worked out.
    You are going to have to get use to those ereaders. That is the future and you as a writer needs to embrace all forms books come in:)) You are a gem!

  16. Oh, took me back! I still have my vinyl records and my teenage boys do get a kick out of them. My record player even works:)) You're right, times are changing and luckily we can do both. But as a business decision I'd rather focus on writing and getting more out to my readers than focusing on getting a physical book out. The 10k ebooks out weigh the 500 print copies. And readers can get KINDLE FOR PC for free.
    I'd love to see B&N do that, but I still think you have their head buried in the sand.

  17. You sent me a copy of Splitsville? Awesome. I'll keep your copy and trade the one I bought to Amazon for one of your other books. THANKS.


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