Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Fall Line Up

Over the past couple of years there hasn't been a lot of television shows that have really kept my attention (other than BIG BROTHER *shout out to Mary Godschalk and Stephanie Overton!)

This year seems different! There is a lot of commercials for new television shows with a good mix of genres.

YES! I have to say that I'm very excited about the new CHARLIE'S ANGELS!

It airs this Thursday on ABC. Since I'm deep into writing the second novel in the Olivia Davis series, I'm excited to see what the angels do to solve the crimes. I'm hoping to steal a few ideas.

On September 18, also on ABC, is the series premiere of Suburgatory.

A single father moves his carefree teenage daughter to the suburbs from the city. The previous look so fun and quirky and since I'm the queen of quirky, I'm definitely going to be giving this one a try.


I have to admit that I'm most excited about WHITNEY!!!

OMG!! I'm falling on the floor laughing at these promos!

"The silent treatment is not a punishment for your man. It's a reward. They want you to be silent. You have to talk. Talk about your future, your kids names, your cramps. Just keep talking." ~Whitney.

I think this could be the next big sitcom.

What about you? Are you looking forward to any new shows?


  1. I'll prob. try to see one episode of Charlie's Angels ... just to check.
    But I watch very little TV these days. Most of what I see is whatever is on at the Y while I'm exercising 3 days a week.
    So why did the Naked Heroe's stop?

  2. Jeff!! I can always count on you!Please send me your address because I want to send you a treat for being my very first blogger!!

    I hope the first episode of Charlie's Angels is good. That will be my determining factor too!
    I'll let you know what I think.

    The Goddesses have decided to focus on our careers and different paths. I'm doing different ventures with each of them, so at least I will be in touch with all of them!
    All good things must come to an end....

  3. The new Charlie's Angels? I hadn't heard! But then, it will probably take ages to come to the UK.

    Yay for a new blog! And of course I'm looking forward to seeing you over at WG, too. :)

  4. Love the site layout, Tonya!

    Sadly I'm old enough to remember Charlie's Angels the first time round. This time round I'm living in a mud hut with no TV, so no chance of seeing it until the pirate DVDs turn up from China and I can watch it on my laptop.

    Trouble is, being a fellow artist I can hardly go supporting piracy, so looks like I'll have to miss out altogether. :-(

    Still, more time to write. :-)

  5. Me too, Mark. In fact, I also remember Farrah's first mega-selling poster ... in the red swimsuit.

  6. Atta Girl, Super T!

    Congrats on your new and superfab fun and cool blog!

    And you know I'll sooo be watchin' the new Charlie's Angels! LOL!

    Now I'll have my very own blue-haired version in my Cozy Cash Mysteries and this new spin on 'em too!


  7. Hey Tonya! Just got back from my girls horseback ride and found this update about your blog. Great to see you having your own blog!!! Love the theme and the cool colors, girl!

    On your question, I'm looking forward to Hawaii 5-0 with Alex O'Loughlin. Like you had to ask hahah

    BTW, I'll be adding your blog to my blog roll at Past The Print.

  8. Love your tag line! I am adding the new blog to my favorites.

  9. Talli! Thanks so much for stopping!! Oh, girl! I'm going to send you some Twizzlers and tapes of Charlie's Angels!

  10. Oh, PJ! Prime Suspect looks sooo good too! I love when Maria says with a black eye, "another great day at the office!!" Too fun! I'm going to watch that too!

  11. Mark! I'm with you and Jeff!!! I LOVED the old Charlie's Angels and I did have Farrah's poster on my wall. I have to say, she was amazing!! I even went through all the cast changes. But the originals were amazing!

    I can't wait to see the new crime solving technologies they use in the new one!

  12. Hi, Renee!!! Now that I'm thinning out my plate I can keep up on my guest spot on your awesome blog!

    I've seemed to slack....I'm so sorry!

  13. Chicki thank you soooo much!!! My grog is where I will be doing all the PROFESSIONAL stuff, but as a writer I love to just let loose and post some really silly stuff! We writers need that ;) Thanks for stopping!!!

  14. I agree with Renee - Hawaii Five-O is on my list of shows to watch. Yeah - Alex!! (oops - must wipe off drool).

    Happy blogging!

  15. I have been looking forward to "The Walking Dead". Unfortunately we just got rid of cable. But my wonderful Mother will be DVR'ing it for us. SO dinner with me Mum and "The Walking Dead", will be a nice treat for the week.

  16. Oh, Stacy and Renee! I haven't seen the new Hawaii Five-O, but I heard it is amazing. I love how they are bringing back these shows. Now it's time for Magnum PI!

  17. That's a great idea, Julia! I've cut down on our cable channels and the boys are going crazy because the special basketball channel was the first to go! Have fun and enjoy the time spent with mom!

  18. Tonya, I am so excited about your news. Congratulations and good luck with the new venture. You should not miss Hawaii 5 0. Tis famtadtic and of course NCIS is still good and even though L&O:SVU doesnt have Chris Meloni anymore they have Danny Pino/Linus Roache from the original L&O. Also CSI Miami. Combat Hospital is good too, a drama with slight comedic tones at times. Criminal Minds too. Enough for you? As you can see not much of a life when Bf is not driving me crazy. Send an email and i will give you my new phone. JAnneken. annekenj at ymail