Virtual Tour Normal, Kentucky ~ A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery Series

Welcome to Normal, Kentucky~ where NOTHING is normal!
Hi, there. Let me be the first to welcome you to Normal, Kentucky. I’m Mayor Courtney Mackenzie.
I’ve been Mayor for three years. Since I’ve taken office, we’ve seen an increase in tourists to the Daniel Boone National Park, which is where Normal is located. I’ve also had the honor in being in the Battle at Wildcat reenactment that’s put on by the Park Historical Society.
I know your visiting during Christmas, but you should really come back in the spring and watch the reenactment, I’ll guarantee you’re going to love it.
Right now, I’d love to tell you a few places to visit while you’re here.
As you can see, our downtown buildings are all old homes that have been rehabbed into quaint shops. Normal was originally a coal town where pioneers would travel to different areas of the state, build a downtown and live there until the mines ran out.
Fortunately for us, Normal has survived, making visiting Normal a very desirable area.
Here is a list of a few of our locally owned shops:
The Cookie Crumble Bakery owned by Christine & Mallory Watson
Deter’s Feed-N-Seed owned by
Grassel’s Gas Station owned by Joel Grassel
Tough Nickel Thrift & General Store owned by Buck
The Laundry Club owned by Betts Hater
The Trails Coffee Shop owned by Gert Hobson
Happy Trails Campground owned by Mae West
Jazzercise Classes owned by Queenie
Normal Library with Librarian Abby Fawn
Normal IGA local grocery store
Normal Baptist Church, doors always open, service at 11 a.m. on Sunday
A Step In Time Consignment Store
Milkery Dairy Farm owned by Dawn Gentry and Mary Elizabeth
Where would y'all like to go first?

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