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Tuesday Coffee With Tonya and Weekly Gift Card Giveaway

Good morning! It's Tuesday and what does that mean? Another Tuesday coffee morning chat with me! Hahaha! Here's what's on my eyes! Over the past three months my eyes have lost their ever lovin' mind. Okay...if we were to be far, it's been about a year, but they've gone all wonky over the last three months. I swear they're rebelling against me. Naughty eyes!

About a year ago, I had to go to wearing one contact in only one eye because I'm at that beautiful stage in life where I need readers because I'm near sighted, which means I can't see far away. With one contact in one eye and one eye without one, I was able to do the whole mono-vision thingy. Then....I started to get these nasty little ocular migraines. I can pretty much say those are due to stress and big stress, like when someone close to me dies, or even when my sweet Charlie has to go to the cardiologist for his big six month test and I worry there's something more wrong with him. Then I feel these things coming on. Once I had one on stage when I was public speaking. Though they only last about ten minutes, they still freak me out.


To make a long story longer (as we say in the south), I had one a couple of weeks in a row and that crazy color photo is what I see for ten minutes....I swear....talkin' about freakin' out! Anyways, I've been to the eye doctor and my family doctor. Can you believe it when I tell you that both of them told me that I was getting to that age. That age????

​Well....that didn't sit too well with me. You're getting to that age where things. . .well. . .(at this point my face had contorted), change. My eye doctor: Sometimes our eyes stop responding well to contacts, so let's just wear your glasses when you drive and while watching TV or things far away.
My family doctor: You need to meditate. Less stress. Relax. Take some CoQ10, magnesium, and be sure that you're taking that blood pressure medicine.

Let's just say that y'all might see the death of an eye doctor and a medical doctor in future books. That age....pft....they can youknowwhat!!!!


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It's Fiona's 1st birthday this week!! If you don't know who Fiona the hippo is, then you've either been under a porch squattin' or just not paying plumb one bit of attention because she's the cutest little hippo EVER!!! She's at our local Cincinnati zoo. I was lucky enough to go see her with my mama and sister. My sister took this photo of Bibi, Fiona's mama, and baby Fiona. Here is a news clip from ABC Nightline news about our sweet hippo. Click here.
We are in love with her!!! She's precious. Happy birthday baby Fiona!!!


Poor Michael!! How can he follow up a segment on Fiona????

Meet Michael! I'm thrilled to
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OH NO I DIDN'T.....OH YES I AM!!! Seriously, Y'all!! Look at this jam cake! It's not just any jam's my mama's jam cake and secret recipe! AND I've got the recipe right here!

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I'll meet you right back here next Tuesday with a big cup of steaming coffee!



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