Y'ALL!! Guess what week it is?? SUPERBOWL WEEK! I really don't care about the game. I'm sorry. Nor do I care about the commercials. IT'S THE FOOD THAT I LOVE!
I can't help but think that it stems from the fact that I have raised four boys that watched and played sports all their lives.

Truthfully, I didn't care what sport they played....I was in the stands rooting for them! Still rooting for them in their college sports. Yep...I'm that mom. In fact, I've been told on more than several occasions that I remind them of the mom in the movie the BLINDSIDE. Yes...I'm a mama bear. Which brings me back to the food!

Boys eat a lot. Four boys eat a buffet. Every year my boys looked forward to grazing the kitchen island that was filled with food made just for that day. It's not the typical food day in our house. It's the fatty foods, special drinks, and sweet treats that they look forward to.

They still come home from college just for Superbowl Sunday. I thought I'd share a few of our southern favorites which mostly include bacon. Who doesn't love bacon??? Be sure to scroll down for a fun recipe with bacon!!


The past couple months in the Kappes household has been a little crazy!!! It's no secret that Eddy and I have become empty nesters last August. At first I had a really hard time with it. . .for about a hot minute. THEN...Eddy and I have gotten really used to it and kinda diggin' it.
Then came Christmas break...

Over Christmas break Brady told us that he wasn't going back to college because it just wasn't for him. This didn't surprise us too much. He's never really enjoyed school and when he told us he was going to college, that surprised us. He does have a plan. He's back home and he's worked at a major pharmacy chain for a couple of years. He loves it there and has enrolled in their managers program. He's already enrolled in their 401K and other things they offer. We are very proud of him and his recognition that he knows what he wants in life.

Then there's Jack....He's in and out of the house since NKU basketball still has practice and games. He gets to stay on campus because of basketball, but we live so close he came in and out. One night around 2 a.m. my phone rings. You can imagine the heart attack I had when the phone rings at that hour.
Jack called frantic! A pipe had busted and his dorm apartment was flooded.
(Actual 2 a.m. footage below. Yes. Tv's, laptops, xbox and many more items damaged.)

And at 3 a.m the director of the University told us that it was going to take THREE WEEKS to get fixed and redone....THREE WEEKS....


THREE WEEKS!!! Did you read that? THREE WEEKS!! Jack is very social and goes out every night he can. Eddy and I would go to bed and every night for THREE WEEKS (minus the nights Jack was out of town for basketball), Jack would get in around 2 or 3 a.m. and he'd come in, kiss me and tell me he was home. THREE WEEKS!!!
Okay...I'm not complaining, much. And I'm thankful he would tell me he was home, but for the past six months in my head ~ I pictured sweet Jack in the library or in his dorm doing his homework. NOT RUNNING AROUND UNTIL 3 a.m!! THREE WEEKS!!!!!

In this THREE WEEKS, Brady started working the midnight-8 a.m. shift to reset the stores. This is just a temporary four week gig to get the pharmacy ready for the spring. He was going and Jack was coming and dogs were barking and lights were being turned on and off....don't get me started on the kitchen mess I woke up to every morning for THREE WEEKS.

I'm happy to report that he's safely moved back in the dorm as of this week. He's back to going to the library and getting in the bed at a reasonable hour. . . in my head.

So now we've got one back in the nest. Life is getting back to the new normal.


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Hello!! Did I mention bacon yet??
This is a really good, artery clogging appetizer that's not only easy but delish. Potato wrapped bacon! It's super simple to make and I've got the recipe for you by clicking RIGHT HERE,




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Good morning! It's Tuesday and what does that mean? Another Tuesday coffee morning chat with me! Hahaha! Here's what's on my eyes! Over the past three months my eyes have lost their ever lovin' mind. Okay...if we were to be far, it's been about a year, but they've gone all wonky over the last three months. I swear they're rebelling against me. Naughty eyes!

About a year ago, I had to go to wearing one contact in only one eye because I'm at that beautiful stage in life where I need readers because I'm near sighted, which means I can't see far away. With one contact in one eye and one eye without one, I was able to do the whole mono-vision thingy. Then....I started to get these nasty little ocular migraines. I can pretty much say those are due to stress and big stress, like when someone close to me dies, or even when my sweet Charlie has to go to the cardiologist for his big six month test and I worry there's something more wrong with him. Then I feel these things coming on. Once I had one on stage when I was public speaking. Though they only last about ten minutes, they still freak me out.


To make a long story longer (as we say in the south), I had one a couple of weeks in a row and that crazy color photo is what I see for ten minutes....I swear....talkin' about freakin' out! Anyways, I've been to the eye doctor and my family doctor. Can you believe it when I tell you that both of them told me that I was getting to that age. That age????

​Well....that didn't sit too well with me. You're getting to that age where things. . .well. . .(at this point my face had contorted), change. My eye doctor: Sometimes our eyes stop responding well to contacts, so let's just wear your glasses when you drive and while watching TV or things far away.
My family doctor: You need to meditate. Less stress. Relax. Take some CoQ10, magnesium, and be sure that you're taking that blood pressure medicine.

Let's just say that y'all might see the death of an eye doctor and a medical doctor in future books. That age....pft....they can youknowwhat!!!!


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It's Fiona's 1st birthday this week!! If you don't know who Fiona the hippo is, then you've either been under a porch squattin' or just not paying plumb one bit of attention because she's the cutest little hippo EVER!!! She's at our local Cincinnati zoo. I was lucky enough to go see her with my mama and sister. My sister took this photo of Bibi, Fiona's mama, and baby Fiona. Here is a news clip from ABC Nightline news about our sweet hippo. Click here.
We are in love with her!!! She's precious. Happy birthday baby Fiona!!!


Poor Michael!! How can he follow up a segment on Fiona????

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OH NO I DIDN'T.....OH YES I AM!!! Seriously, Y'all!! Look at this jam cake! It's not just any jam's my mama's jam cake and secret recipe! AND I've got the recipe right here!

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Welcome to the grand opening of the Old Train Station Motel and hoedown!

Hi do there! I'm Coke and I'm the owner of the Old Train Station Motel. Welcome to our grand opening. I've got you in guest room...