Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Round Up!

Gosh...the weekend flew by and it was filled with family, food, and fun.

I was so excited for the weekend. It's not only because it's Easter and I do love Easter, it's because all my little ducks were home!

Over the past week, Jack went on his last high school spring break with his friends. I don't ever recall being away from him over the past seventeen years for that long...even book signing events I'll come home for a night or day. Seven days is a long time not to see my baby. So it was so nice to have him home and safe.

Austin came home for the weekend. I told him that he didn't have to, but he told me that he wanted to come home for Easter and see his family. My heart melted and he used that opportunity to have me take him shopping!!

Brady was off work, since he's still living at home and going to college, we rarely see him because he works so much.

Cody came home for the day and he was able to show off all the fun photos he took on his trip to Spain last month.

Saturday was spent cleaning up around the yard and getting my summer office ready. I do love our pool. It's not a huge pool. It's considered a play pool. Each end is about four feet deep and it gradually goes to six feet in the  middle. It's a great pool to play volleyball and with boys, I always put physical activities at the forefront of each decision.
It's a great pool to just float in. It's saltwater which is also great for you skin!

Saturday night we went to Eddy's sister's house an hour away for a cook out. It was so nice to be able to relax and enjoy instead of cooking the food!

Sunday was amazing. I love going to church. My parents spent the night and we enjoyed my sausage breakfast casserole before we went to an amazing church service. After church, my sister and her family came over and we enjoyed a wonderful Easter lunch.

The night was a little bitter sweet as the kids and family went their separate ways. But it was When Calls the Heart night, so Eddy and I curled up on the couch to end a spectacular weekend.

Of course between the events, I got a few thousand words written! Yay!

How was your weekend??


  1. Friday I got home from work only to turn around and take the youngest to the doctor. She was feeling better from the flu but developed an ear infection. Saturday hubby and I dyed eggs, the girls weren't interested, they went shopping, which I was glad to see. They work such opposite schedules that they don't get to hang out much. When they got home we all sat down and watched Moana. Easter I tried a new recipe for a casserole thinking that would be easier since the youngest had to work a split shift and it could be ready by the time she came home and had to leave again. It was okay but probably won't make again. Of course while running the oven and it being in the 80's outside the air decides to die. The youngest came home and said she didn't have to go back. Work knew that she was struggling and told her to stay home and enjoy the rest of the day. On the bright side your recipe I decided to try for the cheesecake ball was a hit. I'm off to call a repairman, oh the fun.

  2. Hubby had to work but Sunday was spent at my Mom's with my siblings minus one who was in Florida with his wife. Watching the Grandkids and great niece and nephews play and hunt Easter eggs was fun. Had a good Weekend

  3. We had a very good Easter Sunday. The weather is finally warming up here in S.E. Michigan. The forsythia is in full glorious bloom.
    My daughter Marcy came about 11a.m. with my adopted beautiful African American 7 year old grandaughter. We colored eggs, made a special pudding in cups and open end our Avengers basket. I knew that Kiera had a good time because she told her Momma so, on the way home.
    Later my hubby and I went for a drive. We took along our two furbabies. They enjoyed a short walk.
    I have a son who lives in Portland, OR. Unfortunately he only communicates with his Dad.
    All in all it was a good Easter. HE IS RISEN.

  4. First, just the fact Eddy watch the show with you is amazing! My hubby supports my writing, but really isn't interested in the Hallmark movies/series. I saw my 4 daughters (2 at home), but missed my son in CA.