Weekend Round Up

There is one thing that I know for sure about this whole writing gig is that I love to connect with readers. I've had to pleasure of meeting some of y'all in person and I'm sure you'd be able to say that when we met (in person), it was like we'd been friends for years. And to think that it all started on line!

I've been on so many deadlines that I found myself among the non-friendship lane when I dragged my head out of the writing cave. I've missed my daily blog and all the fun that interacting with y'all has brought me.

Over the weekend, I asked my FREE Facebook Cozy Krew Group (join here!!!) what themes they'd like to see on a blog and it was so much fun reading them!

Monday: Weekend Round Up
Tuesday: Crazy Weekly Theme

I'll start off by telling y'all about our weekend. I usually don't write on the weekends because I've got other writing business things to do that I just don't want to do during the week. Do y'all ever just  put stuff off? I DO IT ALL THE TIME!

This weekend I had to update my website, write my weekly newsletter, and get some review copies to some members of my review team.

But the weekend started off with a fun coffee visit from my sister! She came with a box of Tim Bites for my kids and a coffee for me! Gotta love a good sister! And she brought my four legged nephew and niece. As you can see Charlie and Max giving cousin kisses.

Poor Eddy. Actually, I call him poor Eddy because I'd never be as excited as he is when he takes on a new home project. The man can never sit still and binge watch Netflix like me or read a book like me! He's working on building and putting up a new deck railing before summer comes. We love spending time outside and ya know I have my outside office in the summer!

BUT to top the weekend off (this might surprise you) I got my first library card since I moved here twenty years ago. I can hear you gasping. . .

I know...but I have good reason! I generally just buy my books. If I have research, I buy the books to keep. If I have a book club book to read, I buy the book. Since I've got some new authors I've been wanting to try out, I decided I wanted to give the Overdrive app a go around. I'm pretty excited about it! I'm loving the app.

What is your weekend round up? Do you ever use Overdrive?


  1. This weekend was a rare quiet one for me. I did a lot of reading and tv watching. I don't use Overdrive very often, but our library also is part of the Hoopla digital network, which provides audiobooks and movies as well as ebooks...I use that almost every day!

    1. OH! I love Hoopla. In fact, we have teamed up for some library things. That's so cool. I'll have to check that out!

  2. I mowed the lawn as the grass was getting thick (near Dayton, OH), started weeding the flower beds, cleaned the bathroom and went grocery shopping. Read a little of The Scene of the Grind, but fell asleep - 44% through the book.

    1. did a lot of yard work. I did a bit of garden planning. We are too far away from you. Thank you for reading my sweet coffee mystery! xoxo

  3. Okay, a little late getting here...I am the master procrastinator. I didn't do much this weekend, I put some hyacinth bulbs in the ground, had a chat with the squirrel that comes everyday to steal bird seed, read and little housework...putting off the rest of it, LOL. I haven't been to the library in a long time, usually if there's a book I want I buy it (my kindle proves that), I should go get a library card, I haven't even checked out the library since we moved here (hanging my head in shame).



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