Not So Crafty

I've always considered myself to have a lot of friends. I have four boys who played all sorts of sports and I went to every single game. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the parents and the occasional after game dinners out.

We got to know each other's family so well. Even extended family. 
Last fall I found myself in a really strange place. Very few friends! Why? Now I had three of my four kids in college, and Jack is the last at home. Brady lives at home, but he goes to the community college and works so we rarely see him. But Jack is the only one left. He doesn't play any sports but he's the sports manager at the high school and its a job. He gets paid. Plus he's a dual credit student which means that he's in college part-time of the week at Northern Kentucky University. 

With no kids playing a sport, all those "friends" are pretty much no longer. We text back and forth and say we're going to get together. We say that. Here's the thing, they are visiting their kids in college like we are and life goes on. 

I found myself struggling without having friend contact so I joined a small group from my church. Small groups at my church are really different. There's do many of them (because I go to a mega church) and they all have different themes. I decided on one that call Crossroads Crafty Chicks. 
(Here are our cans lined up!)

Crossroads is my church's name, crafty chicks describe the gals in the group. I'm my head!!!!!! 

Every week we get together on Monday night for a couple of hours and we laugh and have so much fun! It's truly become a friendship of close friends. My sister is Catholic and she's even joined. 

This week we did an Easter craft using a big tin can. I made a candle holder...did I say I'm crafty in my head?

So what's up with your WHAT EVER WEDNESDAY?


  1. Not much, I went to work, got highly frustrated, ran the oldest to school and sat and read till she came out (I love this time). Since I've been home I've had a second cup of coffee and checked out FB, I'm the height of ambition here. I can't say that I have many friends here, I'm friendly with a lot of co workers but don't really want to hang out with them after work. Your small group at church sounds great, that would be one that I would join. Plan on doing more reading, I found out that I am a book behind on my reading goal on Goodreads, nothing like a little cattle encouragement to read.

    1. They are a great group of ladies and I'm lucky to have them. xoxo



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