Monday, April 10, 2017

And they're off....

WOW! I had a super busy weekend. It was filled with fun and fear! 
On Saturday our son Austin was in charge of his fraternity alumni/parent weekend at Keeneland Racetrack.

Now...y'all know I love horse racing and Keeneland. I grew up going to the races and Keeneland is literally fifteen minutes from my childhood home. Friends of my family started Keeneland and still own it today. So...I'm pretty at home there. 

It was opening weekend, which meant there were probably around 40k people there. 40,000 PEOPLE!!! 

(These little jockeys are so cute. They have the names of winners on their little boards.) 

The food line is 1 1/2 hours long to stand in...not to mention the bathroom. You don't think that sounds like fun?? It is! We get there and tailgate on "The Hill." It's the cute name for the grassy area on Keeneland where you can tailgate all day long and never see a horse. But it's the thrill and inside that I love. 

There are two races an hour so there's a lot of down time between the 30 second races. I even saw some friends I'd gone to high school with. It's a lot of fun. AND we got to spend a lot of time with Austin and we spent the night with my parents. It was great!

Then....that say day....Jack and ten of his friends along with four parents drove to Florida ( a 14 hour trip). Jack was driving with three buddies and though it was a caravan, I was still freaked out. I'd been at the races all day and was tired, I couldn't close down my mind with thoughts of Jack and being on the road. 

We ended up texting every couple of hours all night long. When he was driving, one of his friends would text me. Finally around 6 a.m. he sent me a picture of the beach. They'd made it. Not me! I was up all night worried sick on the driving. 
(Jack is in the white shirt. He said they immediately went to the beach and a nice "old" lady took their picture)

We got up and left my parents pretty early, early enough to drive two hours back to our house and go straight to church. No rest though. I spent Sunday doing the business side of the writing as well as maybe napping here and there. 

How was your weekend???


  1. This is basically the same thing I put on Laura/Elizabeth's blog. I got some reading in of course, although my quiet Sunday morning read turned into mass mayhem. I started reading in bed and the newest cat played marching band across my body because she wanted to go downstairs. I gave up, she won. Got my coffee sat in the chair to read, then had hissing because the female hates the male…detests, with a passion, nope doesn’t like (granted he is a jerk). Got them settled and I hear thuds as the male cat tries to run through the glass door to chase the squirrels that have been hanging around. I yell at him to knock it off, then hubby comes in “What do you want?
    ” I tell him I didn’t call him, however the dog decides to join the party and wants to chase the squirrels also, through the glass door…more thudding commences. I stand up and say “I give up”. As for the rest of the weekend, I was able to get out and do some weeding since we had nice weather. Also made some banana bread that I said that I was going to make a month ago (I kept eating the bananas).
    Your weekend sounds fun (except for the 1/2 hour wait for a bathroom, nowadays I would never make it, somebody would have had to be following me with a mop, LOL). I went to a horse race a couple times in Florida oops scratch that it was dog races...I know I've been to a horse race, I was fascinated by the power of them, such beautiful animals.

    1. Oh I love that you have a new cat!!! I want a new cat. And yes...I've been in the same situation. You just give up hahahhaa!

      There was a pregnant mother and child behind me in line at the bathroom. I had to let them go ahead of me. Bless her heart.

  2. The new cat is actually not so new, we've had her a year and she still hates the other one, she has no problem with the dog though. We got her full grown from Pet Smart as a rescue, my youngest said she bonded with her and begged (didn't take much with me). I think she channels some of your Kitty Kappes, some of the looks she gives sometimes, wow.

  3. Tonya, you are so like me. I would have been a basket case waiting for my child to arrive at a destination. I always make my kids text me. We also have find friends so we all stay connected. I love your blogs!

  4. I have not made it to Keeneland. I have been to Churchill Downs but not to the Oaks or the Derby. (one day). This weekend was spent doing some yardwork and trying to feel better from the allergy problems. Kids went with their Dad and some of his family to Gatlinburg; they had a great time!