I've jumped into the social media world of Thunderclap!
Thunder. . . huh?
Thunderclap is an amazing campaign free to me and to you. It really helps get the word about about the campaign you are supporting by connecting to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler.

If you sign up or participate, on the day of the campaign, mine is January 1st, the campaign message will go across social media in one big THUNDERCLAP. won't hear it, but everyone will see it! It's just spreading the word and that is the best thing a reader can do for an author. SPREAD THE WORD!

All you have to do is follow the link below and Thunderclap does all the work. You don't have to do anything on January 1st. Thunderclap does it all! Easy peasy!

If you sign up for my THUNDERCLAP, Here is what you will be spreading to the world. 

I want everyone to discover the magic of the MAGICAL CURES MYSTERY SERIES NOVELS! But I need your help in promoting my Thunderclap. I'm asking for 100 supporters. If I get the 100 supporters by January 1st, all the novels will be .99 for a limited time! Please help me spread the word!

I'd love to have your support! Happy weekend! xo

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