Santa Baby

Can you believe it's only a few weeks until Christmas? 
Have you even started your shopping?
I'm the one who does most of it from the comfort of my office. 
What about you?
One lucky comment will win an audio download of Grooming Mr. Right! 


  1. I do most of my Christmas shopping online too. I hate to admit it but all of our Nephews and our Niece get money. It's what they like so they can get what they want and it's easy on me. ;)

  2. I've done it all online too. I can't believe I am just about done with shopping. I got started really early this year.

  3. I do most of my shopping online. I try to avoid the crowded stores.

  4. We do most of our shopping online, but I did go out and finish some things up on Black Friday. We're pretty much done now for the kids except for their stocking stuffers.

  5. I am usually done by now. This year surgery has set me back a few weeks. So I'll be like Maxine and finish on Xmas eve. Plus side is that I'm caught up on all of my reading!!!

  6. I am the one who generally can't afford to do ANY kind of shopping; however, this year I will be braving the stores! HELP!!!