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Today I'm hanging out on Facebook with Jana DeLeon and Denise Grover Swank at their release party of their co-authored novel of Rose and Helena Save Christmas! 
Denise Grove Swank's Rose Gardner from her award winning Rose Gardner Series and Jana DeLeon's Helena from her Ghost In Law Mystery Series has teamed up to SAVE CHRISTMAS!

You can purchase their book today!

I'm excited to be part of their release party today at 3 pm CT (4 pm EST)! I'm giving away a lot of stuff! BUT the party starts at 2 pm CT, so jump on over and join in the fun!! Here is the LINK
Here is the line up, remember the times listed below are CT:

2:00 Jana DeLeon
3:00  Tonya Kappes, Author
4:00 Leslie Langtry
5:00 Jenna Bennett & Jennie Bentley
6:00 Lyla Payne
7:00 Traci Andrighetti
8:00 Larissa Reinhart
9:00 Denise Grover Swank

Lots of prizes and fun, including a $100 Amazon or iTunes gift card! grand prize!

Remember! You can order your June's Gems today from Cooper's Cocoa! They are also giving away any Tonya Kappes ebook with purchase!
Plus they have a bunch of other awesome treats you can purchase or send to family and friends. 
Check them out right here!'s not too late to send me coloring books/crayons for Alyssa's Coloring for the Cure! Check out the blog post here for details about why I do this every years.  

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