Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday's Giveaway

UPDATE: I put up ONE of four Christmas trees and Kitty Kappes climbed it! Linda McDonald, you are the winner of the Team Tonya Tote! Please email me through my ABOUT ME page with Tote Winner in the subject line.

The weekend was filled with all sorts of activities here! Plus we got four inches of snow which I love, love, love!

Can you guess what I did over the weekend?

1) I went to the bookstore and spent a lot of money on books having to do with Christmas.
2) I put up my Christmas tree and Kitty Kappes already found her way to the top, looking like the tree topper.
3) I'm hosting Thanksgiving for my family this year and I emailed them a side dish they could bring.

I will draw a random name from the correct guesses and you will win a Team Tonya Tote! (if you have one, you can give it as a gift)

Good luck!

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  1. I'll go with you put up your tree.

  2. #1 - you amazing reader, you! ~ Teri Lenz

  3. I think you did all three of those things.

  4. I think you started with number 1 to help with number3. Afterwards you dreamed about number2

  5. I believe you did #3, because that's the most urgent, what with Thanksgiving right around the corner. You want to do #1 and #2 will happen in due time and you probably have a punch list.

  6. I think it is starting to look like Christmas in your house so my pick is #2.

  7. I saw your picture of your kitty scoping out your tree so I know it's probably #2. Thanks for the fun.